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Travel Efficiently With a Motorized Bike

When you want to get places in a hurry, consider riding a motorized bike. These are convenient to have, whether you're riding a bike for fun or because you have to commute or run errands around town. You'll find a wide selection of new and used motorized bikes on eBay.

What types of power sources are there on motorized bikes?

eBay motorized bicycles could be powered in a variety of ways. A new or used motorized bicycle for sale will likely be powered in one of the following ways:

  • Internal combustion: Some bikes have two-stroke engines on them, and others may have small four-stroke engines. Both of these types of engines provide plenty of power, and they can be convenient if their size is kept to a minimum.
  • Electric: Electric bicycles are becoming more widespread. E-bikes, as they're called, use rechargeable batteries. They may range from having a small motor that provides more of a boost to having more powerful engines that can be heavily relied on.
  • Hybrid electric/petroleum: These motorized bikes for sale can either run both systems in parallel and in a series.
Electric motorized bike categories

The number of affordable electric bikes is increasing, which could mean that the price on eBay of these bikes is becoming cheaper. Electric bikes can be categorized as either a:

  • Pedelec: This term refers to a bike in which the electric motor is regulated by pedaling. Standard peddles can usually go about 15 miles per hour, the motors are usually less than 250 watts. These may be some of the more affordable motorized bicycles for sale.
  • S-pedelec: This type of bike has a more powerful motor, typically being able to travel close to 30 miles per hour. With these speeds, these motorized bikes may officially be considered mopeds in some regions.
  • Power-on-demand bike: With this configuration, a throttle is used to regulate the power. You could ride by pedal power alone if you wish, or you could use the electric motor on its own or in conjunction with your pedaling.
  • Power-on-demand and pedal-assist: These bikes will have both systems in play to give you more options for controlling power.
What types of motorized bikes are available?

There is a wide range of electric bikes available, many of which will be fully assembled motorized bicycles. You could choose a rugged, fat tire motorized bicycle if you plan on heading off-road or out in slippery conditions, or you can consider a lightweight road bike with narrow tires that makes sense if you're sticking to the roads. In the middle range will be cruisers and hybrid bikes that give you a more cushioned ride but are designed for smooth trails or city streets.

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