Carry Your Gear Using a Motorcycle Trailer

A motorcycle trailer is a great way to transport your bike for long distances in an enclosed space. You can also store extra camping gear in it and pull it along with your motorcycle. Knowing what options or prices eBay can offer you for these products and the features they include might help you find the right new or used cargo trailer.

What kinds of motorcycle trailers can you get?

You can find specific types of trailers at various prices to meet your needs on eBay. Two primary types are:

  • Cargo - These motorcycle trailers feature enclosed aluminum frames and are meant for transporting your gear or your motorcycle. They might include additional dividers.
  • Camping - This type of motorcycle trailer can serve as a pop-up tent or cargo trailer where you can sleep or establish a home base in the woods. They are lightweight for easy transportation via a motorbike.
What carrying capacities are available?

Sorting motorcycle trailers according to their carrying capacities is one way you can figure out which ones might be right for you. This allows you to see how much weight the trailer can store while remaining light enough for your motorcycle to pull. Trailers with lower carrying capacities may be available at reduced prices. Some common entries in this category are:

  • Less than 300 pounds in total
  • Between 300 and 500 pounds
  • Greater than 3000 pounds
What accessories do cargo trailers include?

If you would like an enclosed trailer to transport both your motorcycle and various equipment with you on a long journey, a trailer for hauling cargo might fit your needs. Some common features of these trailers are:

  • Metal frames - While camping trailers have canvas frames, enclosed trailers will use aluminum components for strength and durability.
  • Vehicle slots - Trailers intended for motorcycle transport may feature an area with built-in brackets and straps that you can use to secure the bike when the trailer is in motion.
  • Storage units - Many of these trailers feature tall cabinets or overhead compartments that you can use to organize and stow your equipment safely.
What trailer dimensions are there?

You may wish to look for a motorcycle trailer that will fit your current motorcycle. Most companies measure their trailers according to length in feet. You can see the manufacturer's site for further details. Some common trailer lengths you'll find on eBay are:

  • 10 feet
  • 15 feet
  • 25 feet