Finding the Right Motorcycle Mirrors Online: Buying Guide

Many motorcycle riders like to customise the appearance of their bikes to match their preferences and needs. Whether you need to replace a mirror or just upgrade one, there is a wide range of reasonably priced motorbike mirrors for sale on eBay.

How do you find the right motorcycle mirrors?

Here are some factors to consider when choosing mirrors for your motorcycle:

  • Select a brand: You can choose to purchase a brand name, an OEM, unbranded, or aftermarket mirror to replace the existing mirrors on your motorcycle.
  • Choose a style: You can choose from a range of styles based on the handlebar design on your bike. One option you can get is end bar mirrors that fit onto the end of your handlebars. Another option is to get mirrors that clamp onto the handlebars. You should also consider the type of mirrors, for example, as some mirrors help to alert you to blind spots.
  • Select a color: You can choose from a range of metallic colors and standard colors that accent the appearance of your bike.
  • Consider use: There are two main types available that include replacement and performance parts. Replacement options will be similar to the mirrors originally on your bike, while performance ones will have additional built-in features.
  • Condition: You can choose from new and used parts, along with open box items as well.
Some advantages to buying new versus used mirrors

One of the advantages of purchasing new mirrors is that you can choose from some of the newer designs available. If you purchase custom motorcycle mirrors , you will find that there will be a higher availability of new, affordable aftermarket mirrors, which can help with adding style to your bike. For older motorcycles such as collectable ones, there are also aftermarket companies that sell reproductions. The reproductions often look similar to the original components.

How are motorbike mirrors priced?

OEM and high-performance mirrors, such as old school motorcycle mirrors, will be the most expensive when purchasing them new. Universal motorcycle mirrors in black and other colors will generally be cheaper since they can fit a wide range of motorcycles. However, they may not be an exact fit to your bike’s specifications. Used components will generally be cheaper unless the mirror is an original from a classic bike and is in good condition.