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Finding Replacement Tanks and Fenders

If your bike's gas tank or fender is damaged, there are many options for repairs. You can opt for and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket replacement for any damaged part. Harley Davidson first introduced the Road King in 1994, so it is fairly easy to find replacement parts for any year for this model.

What Should I Look for in a Gas Tank for Fuel?

The tank for your motorcycle sits between your legs right in from of where you sit so you also want to make sure that your shroud is in good condition. One option for replacing a damaged tank is to find a full set of used parts, usually coming from a dismantled vehicle of the same model year. If all the parts are also the same color as your bike, they will be good to keep as spares or you can resell.

  • If you can't find a Road King gas tank, it is possible to use a tank that matches another Harley model like the EFI or Dyna with some modifications. Make sure that you make all the necessary hardware modifications before you get a fresh paint job done. You do not want to be drilling through a newly detailed surface.
  • Make sure you also obtain the additional hardware that you will need like a tank canopy or shroud, fuel line rebuild kit, gas cap, gas cover, fuel pump, dash, and tank label. 

What Should I Look for in a Fender?

Fenders provide protection from rocks on the road, but they also are a large part of the look of your hog. This is where you can get a redo and let your personality shine. Whether you look for pre-detailed sets or you get raw metal parts, replacing your fenders is an opportunity to step up the look of your bike. Also look for CVO decals to give it the authentic look.

  • First confirm that the rear or front fender you are looking for is for a softail or hard-tail. You want to make sure that the fender you choose will properly enclose the space around your suspension. 
  • If you end up with a whole used set including the tank and fender to replace the tank, and it does not match your paint job, you can always switch out the parts depending on which ones look better to you.
  • If you are looking for an unpainted fuel tank or fenders, you have the opportunity to get the parts painted and detailed to match your existing paint job, or if you want to, you can have the whole thing redone. 

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