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Toyota Corolla Motor Mounts

Driving around in your Toyota Corolla feels like a smooth experience from inside your vehicle, but all those bumps and potholes in the road can slowly break down the parts that keep it running. When you add the stresses of the road to all the constant moving and shaking the engine does, it can really do a number on the motor mounts in your Corolla. Symptoms of your car's motor mounts wearing out include increased engine noise inside the car; vibration felt in the pedals, steering wheel, and seat; and the engine moving around while traveling.

How do the motor mounts in your Corolla work?

Toyota Corolla motor mounts keep your engine securely in place while at the same time dampening noise and vibration. There are a handful of different types out there, but they all work on the same basic concept. The mounts are bolted into the engine of your Toyota at four points and connected to the frame via a mounting bracket. They are made of steel and use different materials to absorb movement.

  • The most widely used motor mounts use rubber bushings to absorb and dampen kinetic energy from the engine in your Toyota Corolla. The bushings go over the mount like a sleeve, preventing metal-on-metal contact. There will be some engine movement due to the flexibility of rubber, and this will translate into slight power loss.
  • To get more performance out of your Corolla, try polyurethane motor mounts. The material is firmer and less giving than rubber, meaning less movement and more power transfer through the drivetrain. On the flip side, they will absorb less engine noise and movement, which will be felt inside your Toyota Corolla.
  • For maximum performance, solid engine mounts don't employ bushings and instead connect the engine to the frame with steel only. This means no energy will be absorbed, and it will be quite noisy and shaky inside the vehicle. These are a good option if your Corolla is race-ready.
What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts?

You will have to decide whether you want to put original manufacturer equipment or aftermarket mounts on your Toyota Corolla. The former are parts designed by Toyota and produced through them or one of their subsidiaries. They are designed for and guaranteed to work on your Corolla model. The latter parts are produced by third-party companies who are interested in making innovative parts that will not only fit your Toyota Corolla, but also other makes and models of vehicle. You should check out the full selection to make an informed purchase.

How do you replace motor mounts in your Toyota?
  • First, make sure nothing will get snagged when lifting the motor of your Toyota. This includes any lines, wires, and hoses.
  • Lift up the jack with blocks of wood in between to keep the motor secure.
  • Remove the mounting hardware for the mounts, then get under the Corolla and loosen the brackets from the frame.
  • Lift the jack just enough to safely remove the mounts and brackets from your Toyota.
  • Install the new parts along with mounting hardware, lower the jack slightly and tighten down everything.