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Nissan Versa Motor Mounts

Your Nissan Versa is a vehicle that can serve you well for years, but over time, parts will start to wear down and need replacement. Between all the bumps and potholes on uneven roadways and the stress caused by internal combustion, the motor mounts that hold the motor to the frame of your Versa will sear out and break down. If you've been noticing undue noise inside your car along with vibration in the pedals and steering wheel or if you can actually feel the engine jerk forward and back when hitting the accelerator or brake, then it could be time to replace worn-out motor mounts.

What are the types of engine mounts?

There are quite a few different types of engine mounts available for your Nissan Versa, but every engine mount has the same basic structure. There is the piece itself that is bolted to the engine, a steel bracket that attaches to the frame, and the mounting hardware. The different kinds of engine mounts available include the following:

  • Rubber engine mounts: These are by far the most common models on the market. They are also the kind that your Nissan Versa came with. They feature a sleeve that affixes to the top of the product to absorb and dampen noise and shuddering. The material will allow for the engine to move a bit, and this steals some of the power away from the drive train.
  • Polyurethane models: These offer a boost in performance by being made with a more rigid material than rubber. The rigidity inhibits movement, increasing performance and overall output. The trade off is that more noise and vibration may make it into your Nissan vehicle.
  • Solid engine mounts: These products are designed to get a Versa into racing condition. They are metal-on-metal motor mounts, meaning there is nothing buffering noise and shuddering from the car's interior. However, it will deliver the maximum output from your engine as far as its inability to move is concerned.
  • Hydraulic motor mounts: These use liquid instead of a solid material to dampen noise by filling a hollow chamber with glycol or some other hydraulic fluid. They are good for vehicles with small engines that tend to move around more under the hood.
What are OEM and aftermarket products?

Once you have figured out what kind of motor mount you want to purchase, the next move is to decide on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket products for your Nissan Versa. OEM parts come directly from Nissan certified manufacturers and are specified to the frame and engine design on your Versa. Aftermarket products are made by third party companies and have more universal designs.