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Motor Mounts for Mazda Tribute

Your Mazda Tribute sport SUV endures a lot of bumps and bruises while driving over uneven, pothole-laced streets and highways. Between all the physical stress of driving down the road and the internal stresses from the constant motion of engine parts, everything starts to break down over time, including the motor mounts. If your Mazda’s engine is excessively loud, gives off vibrations, or if the engine jerks around in the frame while accelerating or stopping, then it may be time to replace your motor mounts.

How are motor mounts put together?

When picking and choosing between the different options of motor mounts for your Mazda Tribute, know that the basic structure of all mounts is the same. They all have steel brackets that mount to the frame as well as the piece that mounts to the engine that will utilize different materials, and mounting hardware keeping the engine attached to the frame of your Mazda.

  • Rubber motor mounts are by far the most common model. They are also the ones that came standard on your Tribute from Mazda. At the point of connection is a hardened piece of product that separates metal-on-metal contact. They dampen both vibration and noise in your vehicle.
  • Hydraulic motor mounts use a hollow chamber filled with a hydraulic fluid to absorb noise and engine movement. They are used on smaller four or six-cylinder engines that tend to jump around more in the frame.
  • Polyurethane motor mounts are harder than their rubber counterparts, which means more engine movement and noise, but also more power transfer down the driveline. This is because when the engine has more freedom of movement, as with rubber mounts, some of the energy that would otherwise be used by the car is absorbed.
  • Solid motor mounts are metal-on-metal, meaning they have no damper to mitigate noise or vibration. What they do offer is the least amount of engine movement, meaning you will get maximum power transfer to the wheels of your Mazda Tribute.
What is the difference between aftermarket and OEM parts?

Once you have decided that you need to replace your motor mounts and what kind of mounts would be most preferable for your Mazda Tribute engine, the next step is to select between original manufacturer equipment, often referred to as OEM, or aftermarket parts. The former are made by Mazda and they are designed with your Tribute's engine and frame in mind. The latter option are produced by companies other than Mazda, and while the quality of the motor mount is on the same level, they are not exclusive to the Tribute.