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Motor Mounts for Mazda RX-7

Your Mazda RX-7’s rotary engine goes through a lot of wear and tear over its that can break down parts leading to the need for replacement. But all the vibrations from the engine’s constant motion will also start breaking down other parts that are connected to it, such as the motor mounts. If your Mazda has been excessively loud, experiencing more vibration than normal, or if you can feel the engine jerking around while driving, then it is time for a new set of mounts.

How are motor mounts made for the Mazda RX-7?

There are a wide range of motor mounts available for your Mazda RX-7. Regardless of which ones you choose, there are certain features common to all models. They have brackets that attach to the chassis of your Mazda, motor mounts that bolt into the engine made from different materials, and mounting bolts that connect them.

  • Your Mazda RX-7 left the factory with rubber mounts filling the gap between the engine and frame. They are the most common type and work well to reduce both noise and vibration in your Mazda. They allow for a bit of engine movement which can detract from the overall power being supplied to the drive train.
  • Depending on how loud and how hard your Mazda vibrates, hydraulic mounts are available which dampen noise and vibration more so than rubber models. They have a hollow chamber which is filled with glycol or other fluids.
  • For a bit more performance from your Mazda RX-7, there are polyurethane mounts which are somewhat stiff. These deliver extra power but have more noise and vibration throughout the interior of the car.
  • If the primary use for your RX-7 vehicle is racing, then you might want to consider solid mounts. They are metal on metal. This means there is nothing to reduce noise or vibration. Their inflexibility gives maximum output from the engine to the wheels.
What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts?

Once you know what kind of mounts you want for your Mazda RX-7, the next thing to decide on is whether to purchase Original Manufacturer Equipment, also known as OEM, or aftermarket equipment. The former is made exclusively by Mazda and is tailored to your RX-7 and other Mazda cars with the same design, like the RX-8. The latter represents every third party company out there that makes mounts and will be tailored to not only the RX-7, but also other makes and models that share similar dimensions.

How do you replace the mounts in your Mazda?
  1. Make sure there is nothing that will get snagged such as lines, wires, and hoses when you lift your RX-7 engine.
  2. Place the jack underneath and use some blocks of wood for extra support.
  3. Loosen up the mounting hardware to release the engine. Then get under your Mazda and loosen up the brackets from the frame.
  4. Lift up the engine enough to remove the old mounts and compare them to the new ones for compatibility. Then install the new mounts working in reverse order.