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Mazda 6 Motor Mounts

After driving around in your Mazda 6 over years, components can start to break down and wear out. This is not only true for the moving parts of your Mazda like the brakes, wheel bearings, and internal parts but also for non-moving components like the motor mounts. Whether you have a manual or automatic transmission, if your car is vibrating, producing excessive noise, or you feel the engine jerking around whenever you hit the accelerator or brake, then your mounts could need replacing.

What types of Mazda 6 motor mounts are available?

Regardless of which type of mount you are interested in, they all share some features in common. Each has a metal bracket that mounts to the frame, a motor mount made in various ways, and mounting hardware holding the two together.

  • The most common type of mount has rubber bridging the divide between the engine and frame. This type of mount is in the Mazda 6 car when it comes out of the factory as it provides a smooth, quiet ride.
  • Hydraulic mounts have a hollow chamber filled with glycol or another hydraulic fluid to help mitigate excessive noise and vibration common in smaller four-cylinder auto engines.
  • Polyurethane mounts offer a bit more resistance than their rubber counterparts, which translates into a bit more vibration and noise but also more power transferred to the wheels of the vehicle.
  • Solid mounts do not soften vibration and noise produced by the engine of your Mazda 6 car and the rest of the frame. The metal on metal contact offers the least amount of engine movement meaning more power will be transferred to the wheels of your Mazda car.
What are the differences between OEM and aftermarket products?

OEM mounts are made by Mazda and are designed to the specific dimensions of your Mazda 6. Aftermarket mounts are made by third-party companies and are designed to fit multiple makes and models of vehicles that are similar in dimension. Some high-performance Mazda models will only have aftermarket parts. There are many options that allow you to make the choice that is right for you..

How do you replace motor mounts on the Mazda 6?
  1. Before you begin, check all around the auto's engine to ensure no lines, wires, or hoses will get snagged on the frame when you lift it.
  2. Place a few blocks of wood on the jack for support, then lift until the engine and jack are touching.
  3. Release the engine from the frame by removing the mounting hardware, then get under the Mazda 6 and remove the mounting bracket bolts.
  4. Lift the engine and safely remove the brackets and mounts. Compare the old and new mounts for compatibility, then install the new ones working backward from how you took the old ones off.