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Hyundai Santa Fe Motor Mounts

Small parts, such as the mounts on a Hyundai Santa Fe, play a somewhat invisible, yet critically important, function. In addition to keeping both the engine and the transmission in their proper places, the mounts help even out any movement from road impact or internal combustion vibrations. Hyundai drivers must make sure the mounts on their Santa Fe always remain in excellent condition and function properly.

What are Hyundai Santa Fe motor mounts made of?

Specific Hyundai Santa Fe engine mounts may be manufactured with different materials. Commonly, mounts are made of a combination of steel and rubber. The rubber component connects with a metal component that mounts to the frame. The type of rubber can vary depending on what the manufacturer chooses to use. Both natural rubber and synthetic rubber may be utilized. Not all mounts are made of rubber, though. Polyurethane engine mounts are also used. All-metal mounts, also known as solid engine mounts, can be another option for a vehicle.

What is the finish on the Hyundai motor mounts?

Mounts are painted to achieve a good finish. The type of paint may be enamel with a common finish being black or metal. Other colors and looks may be acquired by choosing a mount for your motor with a different painted finish.

What are the accompanying bolts used for?

Engine mounts are made with metal brackets designed to be secured to the frame and the engine. To be secured, the mounts must be bolted into these locations on the Hyundai Santa Fe. Mount replacement kits usually come with a specific bolt for fastening and mounting. Not every bolt works with the mount for a particular model. The right size bolt, indicated by a specific number, must be used. If the bolts on your mounts have evidence of corrosion, replacement bolts are available.

Are Hyundai mounts specific to a position?

Yes. Instructions for Hyundai Santa Fe mounts note that they may be crafted for the front or the rear of the vehicle. For example, if a motor mount is for the front right of the car, it should be used on the front right of the car.

Can a mount fit more than one engine?

Yes. Certain mounts can fit more than one engine. For example, one mount may only fit a 3.5-liter V6 or a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder on a Hyundai while another may fit both a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder and a 2.7-liter V6.