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Honda Civic Motor Mounts

Your Honda Civic works hard over its lifetime and will slowly start to need maintenance on its systems. It's not just all those expected components like brakes, the transmission, or wheel bearings; even the engine mounts that hold your motor in place may wear out eventually. If your Honda Civic has been louder than normal, has been vibrating noticeably, or the motor has been jerking while your vehicle is in motion, then it's time for replacement engine mounts.

How are engine mounts put together?

The engine mounts in your Honda Civic serve a couple of purposes. They keep your motor in place while quieting loud noises and vibrations put off by it. There are a variety of mounts out there that cater to different needs, but they are all put together in the same basic way. There is a piece of steel, usually cylindrical in shape with a bushing on one end, that absorbs motor noises and vibrations, mitigating their impact inside your Civic. They are bolted into the motor as well as the brackets that are attached to the frame.

  • The mounts in widest use employ rubber bushings to absorb the kinetic energy for the motor on your Honda Civic. These are also the mounts of choice by Honda and what your Civic rolled off the assembly line with. The flexibility of this material will allow for some minor motor movement that will lessen the power output to the drivetrain.
  • For those looking for more performance from the motor in their Honda Civic, there are polyurethane mounts. The material is stronger, more durable, and less flexible than rubber, meaning the motor is kept more stable with more power making it to the wheels of your Civic.
  • If you're someone who's looking to use your Honda Civic for specific activities like racing or competitions, then solid engine mounts might be a good fit. They have no bushing to dampen the energy coming off your engine maximizing the power transfer to the drivetrain on your Honda Civic.
What are OEM and aftermarket engine mounts for the Civic?

The major difference between the Original Equipment Manufacturer and aftermarket engine mounts is that the former is either produced by Honda or one of its partner companies and are specifically designed for your Honda Civic. The latter covers every other company making them and is usually more universal in nature in regard to make and model that the mounts will fit. There will be a bunch of factors to take into consideration when deciding between Honda and third-party products, so you should make a detailed examination of everything available so that you can make an informed purchase for your Honda Civic.