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Chrysler PT Cruiser Motor Mounts

The Chrysler PT Cruiser vehicle is an amazing feat of modern technology with an array of moving parts intricately connected and all in the pursuit of giving you the best possible driving experience. But as with all things in the world, certain parts will break down after long periods of use. If you’ve been noticing considerably more noise, felt the motor jumping around when you stop and go, or noticed vibration in your PT Cruiser lately, then you might have a problem with the motor mounts.

What are motor mounts?

Underneath your Chrysler vehicle’s engine on the supporting frame is where you will find your motor mounts. They are the connecting hardware between your engine and frame and are constructed from a solid piece of steel with a rubber sleeve sitting on top. While there are other designs utilizing other materials such as polyurethane, hydraulics, and liquid, the rubber design is the most common. The motor mounts on your Chrysler PT Cruiser serve to keep the engine stable, reduce engine noise and vibration, and keep the drive-line in proper alignment.

What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket motor mounts?

One important choice you will need to make when deciding on which motor mounts to use as replacements on your Chrysler PT Cruiser is whether to purchase original manufacturer equipment (OEM) or aftermarket parts. OEM motor mounts come straight from Chrysler and are tailored to specifically fit your PT Cruiser. Aftermarket motor mounts are designed by a third-party company and are mass produced to fit not only your car but also others that are similar in design. But just because aftermarket motor mounts are not tailor made for your vehicle doesn’t mean that they are inferior or won’t work as well or last as long as OEM mounts. In addition, there may be other more exotic options available aftermarket that Chrysler doesn’t make.

How do you replace your motor mounts?
  • The first step to take is to check the motor of your PT Cruiser for proper clearance when you lift it up. Make sure no lines, hoses, or wires will get snagged or kinked. Once you have ascertained that there are no obstructions, place the jack below the motor and raise it until you've made contact. Place a couple pieces of wood between the jack and the motor to help with stability.
  • Next, loosen all the mounting bolts using a ratchet with an extender piece. Then, get underneath the car and loosen the mount-to-frame-bolts, freeing the motor from the frame.
  • Now lift the motor slowly until you can safely remove the motor mounts. Compare your new mounts to the old ones to ensure they will fit properly and install them.
  • Thread the mount-to frame bolts; then, lower the motor until they are aligned. Tighten all the bolts down and you're done.