She Deserves It All

Your mother is your first friend, maybe even your best friend. She is perhaps the most special person in your world. She loves you every day, so why not treat her to something special this Mother's Day? Shop eBay for your thoughtful gift. With a wide variety of offerings from jewelry and watches, to tablets and eReaders, as well as kitchen appliances and gift cards for wine or flowers, eBay has something to inspire your next great gift.

Jewelry and Watches for Your Mother

Your mom tried to be on time for all of your performances, or ensured you were on time for your first soccer game. Why not buy her a beautiful jeweled watch or even a smart watch to help track her time as a Mother's Day gift? If your mom doesn't need a timepiece, a jewelry set might be another possibility. Consider these favorite brands as you browse eBay and make her day special.

Women's Fine Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry

Women's Watches

Women's Fragrance and Beauty

Every mom wants to feel empowered. Sometimes that feeling comes from looking, and even smelling, great. For a Mother's Day gift, consider purchasing fragrance favorites and beauty products from big names like:

  • Viktor & Rolf
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Burberry
  • Lancôme
  • Versace
  • D&G
  • Calvin Klein
  • Chanel

Tablets and eReaders

If you're far from home, a tablet is a great way to communicate via video or email with your mother. It offers something a traditional phone call cannot: a more personal connection. Moreover, your mom can use her new tablet to browse eBay. eReaders are convenient gifts for the mom that is also a bookworm. 

Handbags and Purses for Your Mom

How often have you asked your mom for a pen, candy, or a tissue? She reaches into her handbag or purse and has it at the ready. Buy her a new designer handbag or clutch purse to replace one that might have wear and tear. Consider these bags for her special day:

Kitchen Gifts for Your Mother

Nothing tops your mom's homemade lasagna or chicken soup. Show her you're thankful by replacing a worn out pot or baking dish. Choose one in her favorite color or one that matches the kitchen decor. A new blender or electric mixer can elevate her baking—and don't forget the mixing bowls. If the cutlery is worn, consider new utensils or even whisks and ladles.

Gift Cards for Your Mother

If the above ideas don't appeal to you or your mom is particularly hard to buy for, a gift card could be the perfect gift. You can choose among a variety of gift cards for her favorite clothing store, or for experiences like massages and movies.