J.L. Moller Dining Chairs

J.L. Moller was founded by famous Danish furniture designer Niels Otto Moller in 1944. Moller chairs became a coveted dining room feature in the 50s and 60s, during the height of the mid-century design era. Known for its straight lines, minimalist features, and durable materials, the Moller company continues to hold influence in the designer furniture world despite its small collection. You can own these chairs affordably by purchasing used J.L. Moller chairs at eBay.

Which materials are typically used to construct JL Moller dining chairs?

Most Moller dining chairs are upholstered with up to 425 feet of continuous Danish cord, which is made of tightly woven paper. The company sources the same durable and long-lasting hardwoods from various parts of the world that were used to make its earliest chair models. These include the following:

  • Oak: Sourced from Spessart in the southern region of Germany, this wood has a golden-brown color.
  • Maple: Sourced from Belgium, maple has colors ranging from light and creamy to reddish brown.
  • Beech: This wood is sourced from the company's home country of Denmark. Beech has a very light color and a tightly-grained, uniform texture.
  • Teak: Sometimes called "Burmese Teak", this wood is sourced from Myanmar, located northwest of Thailand. This tropical wood typically has a medium brown color and dark mineral streaks.
  • Walnut: Sourced from the United States, walnut hardwood has a beautiful medium brown to chocolate brown color, dark streaks and distinctive grain quality.
What are some of the better-known Moller chair models?

Some of the better-known Moller dining chair models include the following:

  • Moller 71 chair: This model was released in 1951 and features a teak wood frame with Danish cord seat. It also features a signature curve in the chair back.
  • Moller 78 chair: Released in 1962, No. 78 quickly became one of the most recognizable and highly sought-after designs. Also upholstered with a Danish cord seat, this model may be made with oak, teak, walnut, or a combination of the three to provide a variety of colors and finishes. The chair back has a simplistic triple-rod design.
  • Moller 62 chair: Released in the same year as No. 78, this model features an oak, teak, or walnut wood frame that is upholstered with either a Danish cord seat or leather seat. It features the same triple-rod design element as is found in the 78 with the added functional element of arm rests.
Are pre-owned Moller chairs less expensive than new ones?

The J.L. Moller company continues to produce its exact same dining chair designs using the same materials and techniques from the late 40s onward. Therefore, pre-owned Moller chairs for sale should be less expensive than new ones fresh from the factory. Secondhand chairs in good to excellent condition are still in high demand, so they are commonly sold online at eBay.

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