Explore Recent Moldovan History by Collecting Moldova Stamps

While the Republic of Moldova has only issued postage stamps since 1991, shopping on eBay for Moldova stamps allows you to build an extensive collection quickly. You can display your collection of Moldova stamps in a book or put several in a picture frame. With many different types of Moldova stamps to collect, you can build an impressive collection.

Types of Moldova stamp collections

You can choose to collect Moldova stamps in many different ways, including

  • Stamps - The Moldovan Postal Service has issued new Moldova stamps since 1991, and they continue to do so regularly. Each year, a list is released in October of new releases for the upcoming year.
  • Prepaid envelopes - You may be able to find several prepaid envelopes with stamps on them including the 1992 State Arms of Moldova, 1993 25th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of Moldova and 1993 options recognizing the Red Cross of Moldova.
  • Prepaid postcards - You may also find postcards with the postage printed on them. One example is the 1992 Architectural Monuments of Moldova series of 10 postcards.
  • Cancellations - You may find many special canceled stamps, including those celebrating the Centenary of Mihail Cogâlniceanu, and the 525th anniversary of Chisinau City.
  • First day covers - You may also be able to find many stamps with first day cancellations, including the 2019 Alexei Stârcea, Allegory of the Arts stamps, and Cantecul banduristului cover.
Themes on Moldovan stamps

There are many themes found on Moldovan stamps, including:

  • Art - Many famous artworks and their creators have been featured on stamps from Moldova, including Vasile Nascu, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Mihail Statnii.
  • Holidays - Many holidays have been featured on stamps, including Christmas and Easter.
  • Nature - Trees, forests, flowers, plants, field crops, and nature reserves have all been the subject of Moldovan stamps.
  • Animals and insects - Horses, bulls, snakes, cats, wolves, and foxes have all been featured on stamps. Zebra, lions, antelope, and brown bears have also been featured on stamps.
  • People - There have been many different men and women featured on Moldovan stamps, including princes, writers, scientists, doctors, and singers. Some people featured on these stamps include astronaut Dumitru Prunariu, opera singer Lidia Lipkovski, and ruler Mihai Racoviţă .
What were the first stamps issued by Moldova?

The first stamps issued by Moldova show the country's coat of arms on a brown background. The government released these stamps in 1991. The government reissued these stamps in 2002 on a mini-sheet.