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Welcome St. Nick to Your House with Modern Christmas Collectibles from 1946-1990

Keeping past memories alive is part of many holiday traditions, and this goes for seasonal Christmas decorations especially. Vintage villages reminiscent of trips to grandma's house or a set of retro, shimmery ball ornaments are Christmas gift ideas for mom and dad that are sure to be memorable. From Santa figurines to twinkling lights, many incredible Christmas decorations from the modern period are available that you can collect and proudly display when the magical season arrives.

When you shop for modern Christmas collectibles from 1946-1990 on eBay, you will find a wide variety of items for sale at affordable prices. Ornaments, lights, trees, tabletop displays, window decorations, and much more are available throughout the year.

What companies made ceramic Christmas trees from 1946 to 1990?

Many different companies made ceramic Christmas trees between 1946 and 1990, including:

  • Atlantic Mold - While most ceramic Christmas trees stood under 20 inches tall, you may want to watch for this company's 36-inch ceramic Christmas tree. This company also patented one of the first ceramic Christmas trees in 1958.
  • Dogwood Ceramic Supply - This company sold many bisque Christmas trees, including ones that you could decorate at home from a kit.
  • Arnel's - This company made many ceramic Christmas trees, including musical options. You may choose to shop on eBay for its option that plays the Christmas song "Winter Wonderland."
  • Holland Mold - This company was one of the first to use plastic bulbs on its ceramic trees.
Were different Christmas ornaments used during particular decades?

If you want to create a period-appropriate Christmas tree, then you need to think about which type of ornament was used in that decade to aid you in your search for those preowned modern Christmas collectibles from 1946-1990 on eBay:

  • 1940s - Blown glass ornaments, particularly those shaped like grape clusters, were found on many Christmas trees.
  • 1950s - Google-eyed Santa Clauses hung from many trees with those coming from Japan often being preferred.
  • 1960s - Many trees displayed fabric- and sequin-decorated Styrofoam balls during this decade while others contained plastic ornaments painted with a glass-like finish.
  • 1970s - Snow globe-like ornaments containing miniature scenes were a favorite choice of many people.
Types of vintage nativity sets

You can find many types of collectible nativity sets made between 1946 and 1990 on eBay. Chalkware, made of sculptured gypsum or Papier-mache nativity sets, like those made by Josef Originals, were usually painted in bright colors. Other companies, like Fontanini, made nativity sets out of paper and glue. Still others, like Hummel, offered porcelain nativity sets. Many companies, like George Hinke, made cardboard nativity sets that could contain multiple pieces. While you can find small nativity sets made of plastic for indoor use, other companies made large displays for the outdoors.

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