How to Select a Mobility Lift Chair

Mobility stairlifts and accessibility elevators are an all-embracing category that includes a huge variety of chairlifts for stairs, climbing wheelchairs, and power lift reclining chairs. These devices can be life-changing for seniors and for younger individuals who are unable to get around without help. A new lift chair or electric rising chair can restore independence and vastly improve quality of life.

What kinds of electric left chairs are available on eBay?

Patient lift chair devices on eBay fall into five categories: stairlifts, patient lifts, vertical platform lift/porch lifts, electric power lift chair recliners, and wheelchair lifts.

  • Stairlifts: A stairlift is designed to help people get up and down stairs. Make sure you get one with the correct weight capacity; the maximum weight ranges from 250-550 pounds.
  • Patient lifts: These devices allow people to be transferred from one place to another, such as from bed to bath. They are often used in hospitals, nursing homes, and in-home health care situations. You can get sit-to-stand lifts, overhead power lifts or sling lifts. Patient lifts may be powered by either hydraulics or electricity.
  • Porch lifts: Resembling a small elevator, a porch lift or residential vertical platform lift is used to transport someone in a wheelchair, mobility scooter, or similar device vertically from one level to another. They come in a range of lifting heights from a few inches to up to 14 feet.
  • Chair recliners: This is simply an electrically powered reclining chair that lifts up and down and tilts forward or backward to make it easier to get into or out of an easy chair.
  • Wheelchair lifts: These devices usually have tracks underneath them to enable the user to ascend steps or even engage in rock climbing.
Benefits of a battery-powered chair lift

Electric lifts are suitable for most homes, but if you live in an area with frequent power outages because of storms or other reasons, then having a battery as a backup power source means you won't get stranded on one level or another in an emergency.

What types of accessories do lift chairs use?

Most of the accessories that these devices use are concerned with electrical control. Among them are batteries, chargers, cleaning fluids, circuit boards, remote controllers, AC/DC adapters, power supplies, transformers, and massage seat controllers. You can also obtain replacement slings for patient lifts and waterproof covers.