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Mobility Patient Lifts and Elevators Promote Comfort

Mobility patient lifts and elevators are special tools that allow individuals who are disabled or have other mobility issues to move from place to place in safety and comfort. Here on eBay, you can find a wide variety of patient lifts and accessories. Whether you need special power, mounting, or sling options, the right patient mobility materials can give you the comfort that you deserve.

What are some common mobility lift types?

Here on eBay, you can find the major mobility lift types in new or used condition. These include sling lifts and stand from sitting lifts.

Sling lifts are specialized devices that use special crane-like components to supports slings that in turn carry people like you. Sling type lifts often include sturdy bases, durable masts, and high-leverage booms in their designs. These features allow slings lifts to comfortably carry and support you regardless of your size and weight range.

Stand from sit lifts are limited assistance devices that help individuals like you to move from a sitting to a standing position. Many types of stand from sit lifts include special belts and straps that attach to your upper body. These types of lifts can come in handy if you have some level of mobility but have difficulty standing or sitting.

What are some common lift power options?

Both sling type and stand from sit lifts get their power from various sources. These sources include electricity, hydraulic power, and manual force.

  • Electric lifts - These use batteries or direct connections to power plugs to energize motors or other lifting devices. Electric lifts can support patients of various weight ranges and are often lightweight and portable.
  • Hydraulic lifts - These use air or pneumatic fluid to drive the lifting mechanisms. Hydraulic lifts may also receive electric power from regular plugs or from battery packs.
  • Manual lifts - These rely on human power to drive pumps or hydraulic levers. While they require some effort, manual lifts can come in handy during power outages.
How are patient lifts mounted?

Patient mobility lifts can mount in a variety of locations. These locations include on ceilings, on floors, and even on walls. Ceiling and wall lifts often use tracks for mounts. Each patient mobility lift may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

What are some common lift brands?

There are many manufacturers of mobility patient lifts on the market, but there are several brands that stand out for their product variety and features. These mobility patient lift manufacturers include:

  • Hoyer
  • DRIVE Medical
  • Invacare
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