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Mitsubishi TVs

Television sets offer you wide range of screen sizes that can be used for watching television shows and movies. Mitsubishi sets range in size from less than 20 inches to more than 60 inches. Some of these TVs are also outfitted with smart functionality, which means that they can be hooked up to the internet, providing you with an array of additional features.

What are some smart TV features available with Mitsubishi TVs?

Some TVs by Mitsubishi are equipped with smart functionality, which means that they come with internet capabilities. Smart TVs come with an internet browser already installed, allowing you to browse the internet while viewing television. These devices also offer an interface that allows you to find and play videos, TV shows, photos, and additional content. Some also provide access to social media through the device.

What are the different display technologies?

These Mitsubishi TVs come with a variety of different display technologies, each of which has a different focus. Here are a few of the display option technologies:

  • CRT: These make use of large cathode ray tubes inside the television in order to provide you with accurate colors and a clear image.
  • DLP: A device which has DLP technology is one that has a chip made from small microscopic mirrors and a spinning wheel in order to deliver a rich and striking image. The DLP chip included with these types of TVs ensures you won't see white spots, black dots, or vertical lines on the picture. One feature that is unique with the DLP chip-type of screen is that it offers three-dimensional functionality that you can use to watch 3D movies.
  • LED: This type of Mitsubishi flat-panel screen uses light-emitting diodes in order to provide accurate back-lighting and sharp images. The usage of light emitting diodes ensures that the device is thin and light.
  • Rear-projection: This is a type of Mitsubishi TV is used with larger screens and is capable of providing you with 1080-pixel resolution.
What does passive 3D technology refer to?

Many Mitsubishi sets are outfitted with what is known as passive three-dimensional technology, which allows you to view images with extra depth. This passive system simply refers to the components used in the specific glasses associated with the TV set. Passive 3D automatically converts the image on the screen into three dimensions and does so by utilizing different polarized lenses in the right and left side of the glasses. When selecting one of these sets, you will still be able to view two-dimensional images without any distortion.

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