Frequently Asked Questions About Mirage Nanosat

The Mirage Nanosat is a set of speakers that are part of the Mirage speaker brand. The Nanosat line includes a bookshelf speaker, center speaker, and a home theater system. Many affordable options can be found in this large selection on eBay.

Can the bookshelf speaker be used individually?

The Mirage Nanosat bookshelf speaker can be used individually or as part of a home theater system. This speaker is designed to be used in small spaces and provides 360-degree surround sound. The Bookshelf speaker has a 100-watt power handling and weighs 2.7 pounds or 1.2 kilograms.

How many Nanosat 5.1 systems are available?

There are currently four Nanosat home theater systems available. Below is a list of the available Nanosat home theater systems along with basic information about each system.

  • Nanosat 5.1 - This system includes the five matching satellites and a subwoofer. This 5.1 system is compact and can fit on a bookshelf.
  • Nanosat Prestige 5.1 - This system includes four matching satellites and a center channel. The Nanosat Prestige 5.1 system has a high-gloss black lacquer finish.
  • Nanosat┬« Prestige 5.1 Home Theater System - This home theater system includes four Nanosat Prestige speakers, one Front LR surround, one Nano CC center, and one Prestige S8 subwoofer. This system is designed for high-end sound in large room environments.
  • Nano 5.1 HGB Home Theater System - This system includes four matching Nano satellite speakers, a dedicated Nano CC center channel, and subwoofer. This system is finished in high-gloss black lacquer finish with black cloth grilles.
What does 5.1 mean?

The first number tells you how many channels there are in a speaker system. Therefore a 5.0 or 5.1 system will have five channels. The .1 designation refers to the Low-Frequency Effects (LFE) channel. You can find soundtracks with (LFE) in many sci-fi, action, and adventure movies. You can also find (LFE) in select rock, jazz, pop, and classical music recordings. Therefore, those who wish to use their Nanosat speaker system for films may want to consider the 5.1 speakers and systems over the 5.0 speakers and systems.

What is a center speaker?

A center speaker is a speaker that is designed to allow you to hear layers of details that are often not audible on bookshelf speakers or subwoofers. The audible details can include delicate whispers or subtle nuances. The center speaker should be used in conjunction with other speakers to create a fuller sound. Choose from many affordable ones on eBay.

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