Strike It Rich With Mining Claims for Sale

There is an activity you can participate in if you want to try to strike it rich: searching for precious metals on the acreage covered by a mining claim. It involves a lot of physical labor; however, you could find a fortune at any point. There are many eBay mining claims available to consider.

What type of mining claims are for sale?

Mining is hard work, but worth it when you find a vein that gives its treasure up. Most Western states listed for mining claims on eBay have gold claims for sale. Some states have recreational mining claims for sale. Oregon gold claims for sale are also listed on eBay. Several other states have gold mine claims for sale.

  • California: This is the original location of the gold rush, and it is possible that there is much more gold to locate.
  • Arizona: This state is rich in minerals and home to gold mining, silver mining, and copper mining.
  • Other Western states: Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, and Wyoming also have gold mining claims for sale.
Decide what you want to mine for

The purchase price of a claim will depend on the amount of land involved and which minerals, metals, or gemstones you would be likely to find there. You want to consider the type of mineral you are hoping to find, and determine the best type of property you feel is the best for that mineral. Most of the listed states claim there is "gold in them there hills." Some claims are listed for gold, copper, and silver, others just for gold. You may even locate aquamarine or opal mining claims for sale. You can find mining claims for sale in the mountain ranges, land with streams or rivers running through it, and some flatland mining claims.

  • Gold: This precious metal is rich in history and claims of many still striking it rich. Montana gold claims for sale are a top search
  • Copper: Good old copper has been used in plumbing and wiring.
  • Silver: Silver has never gone out of style. The price of silver stays steadier than that of other minerals, making it a safe venture.
  • Gems: Aquamarine and other gems are still waiting to be located somewhere in the earth. Gems of all kinds can be rare and harder to locate than minerals.
Is a mining claim worth taking a chance on?

If you feel it is worth a shot or you're looking to start somewhere fresh and willing to work hard, purchasing a mining claim could be worth it. Most buyers will list the claim history, including what has been found and how hard prospectors have looked.

You will not know how much you will gain until you actually try. Mining is a risk, however, you will get a workout and enjoy nature. Think of the thrill when you mine even one gold nugget.