Enjoy Big Entertainment With a Mini Projector

Take your family movie night to the next level with a mini projector you can use inside or outside! With an easy-to-use miniature projector, you can show movies, home videos, and other media the way they were meant to be seen. Discover the power of the mini projector by purchasing one on eBay.

Can you use a mini projector with a smartphone?

Miniature projectors are made to work with many different video sources, including smartphones, laptops, desktops, and memory cards. This allows you to play home videos, movies, music videos, and other media at a much larger size. Looking at a video on your smartphone can be tricky, especially if you also want to be able to show it to other people at the same time. With a miniature projector, you simply connect to the media source using one of the supplied cords, and you are able to project the playback onto a large screen, wall, or hanging sheet. You can even sync the projection with your smartphone screen to ensure uninterrupted playback.

How big is the projection from a miniature projector?

Miniature projectors can project in several different sizes, depending on which one you choose and your viewing preference. Most of these projectors will allow you to project a 16 to 1 aspect ratio, which makes the image big enough to see from five to six feet away. You can choose a projection size, typically within the range of 50-150 inches. This offers several benefits:

  • The video will be large enough for big crowds to watch
  • You can enjoy special effects the way they were meant to be seen
  • You will be able to see important details
Can you use a mini projector outside?

Outdoor projection is simple with a miniature projector. Just hook it up to the source you want to use to play a video, and project it against an exterior wall of your home, a backyard fence, a large screen or sheet, or any other flat surface. With this feature, you can enjoy watching a movie in the backyard. There's no need to rush to get to your seats before the movie starts because you can customize playback and start anytime you like. It's also easy to move when the show is over or if you notice the weather turning sour. Create new memories your family will cherish with the help of an easy-to-use projector.