New and Used Gas Mini Bikes for Reasonable Prices

You can find new and used mini bikes on eBay for kids and adults. There are bikes available in smaller and larger sizes and many models by different manufacturers. Whether you're looking for a little pocket mini bike or a more powerful monster mini bike, there are gas mini bikes to suit all needs.

New gas mini bikes in all sizes
  • The kids' 49cc Mini Superbike - This can hold young people that weigh up to 128 pounds, and it has an engine that mixes gasoline and oil in a 25:1 ratio. It's low to the ground and built for children, with a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. This is a lightweight bike that only weighs 48 pounds.
  • The MotoTec 49cc gas mini bike - Also on the smaller end, it is a simple pull-to-start bike that can cover 10 to 20 miles with one fill-up of the 1-liter tank. It's got a steel frame and padded seat that will hold up to 185 pounds, and the bike itself weighs 58 pounds.
  • The High-Performance Honda Clone - It is a large mini bike that will hold more weight, up to 290 pounds. This is a good pocket bike for an adult since it's built to larger proportions. It runs on gas only and gets up to 30 miles on one tank of gas.
Used mini bikes for sale

You can find some of the same models in pre-owned mini bikes, like the 49cc 2-stroke gas mini bike. There are other gas mini bikes with mag wheels, custom seats, and other extras. A recent survey also turned up several vintage, restored mini bikes that are collector's items. Some of the manufacturers represented in used bikes on eBay are:

  • Azusa
  • Monster Moto
  • Manco
  • Coleman
  • Baja
What else should you know about gas mini bikes?

Gas mini bikes and scooters aren't meant to be driven on the roads, so they're not street legal. Mini bikes and scooters are designed to be used on private property and for off-roading only. You should plan on wearing a helmet and other protective gear, just as you would when riding any bike.