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Milwaukee Motorcycle Boots and Men's Footwear

Whether you're working at a construction site or are riding a motorcycle, boots can help to protect your feet and keep them comfortable as you are out and about. These Milwaukee motorcycle boots can be selected in an array of sizes that extend from 5-15 in U.S. men's sizes. See manufacturer site for details. This men's footwear is also available in several different widths, including medium, wide, and extra wide.

What are the materials used to make these boots?
  • Leather: This is a natural material that is made from the hides of cattle and goes through a tanning process before being made into a boot. It is used mainly for the upper of the boot and comes in a variety of types like top-grain leather and patent leather.
  • Rubber: This is a hard polymeric substance that is made from the latex or sap of an Hevea tree. Once it is hardened, it is used mainly in the sole of this footwear.
  • Steel: This is a hard gray or bluish-gray alloy that is a component of iron and is used mainly for the toes of this footwear.
Which colors and patterns do these boots come in?

There is a wide range of colors and themes available for you to select with this footwear, which includes black and brown. A number of the additional colors that you can choose include beige, gray, orange, and green. Some of this footwear is available in multiple colors with combinations like brown and orange and black and blue. The patterns available with these items include solid and camouflage.

What are the different fastener types available with these boots?

There are many different boot types available to select from, each of which comes with its own type of fastener. Most of the boot types available from this company come with a side zip closure that involves you taking the zipper from the lower portion of the boot and bringing it up to the top in order to close it. Many models are equipped with either lace-up or buckle fasteners, the former of which is tied together while the latter makes use of a metal buckle toward the middle of the boot. Some models can be equipped with both buckle and lace-up fasteners. A less common type of fastener is the hook and loop fastener, which involves two different types of materials that are pulled over one another and will stick together until pulled apart.

What are some features available with these boots?

These boots can be equipped with a wide range of different features, such as a composite toe or steel toe at the front of the boot. Some models are outfitted with insulation while others have a lightweight build. The models that come with a side zipper entry are equipped with an adjustable strap. A large number of these boots come with several interior linings as well as a padded upper.

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