Ty Millennium Beanie Baby Buying Tips

In the late 1990s, TY announced their Beanie Baby collection, which included dozens of adorable characters with biographies. Most of the animals in the collection were bears, with a handful of other creatures represented as well. One of the most collectible bears in this series is the Millennium bear, which you can buy in mint or preowned condition on eBay.

How many Millennium Beanie Baby versions are there?

Ty introduced five versions of the Millennium bear in 1999. Each of the versions has unique features that make it collectible. The first release of this Millennium Beanie Baby is easy to identify because the bear's name is misspelled on the hangtag and tush tag as "Millenium." The first edition bear also has a gold ribbon, and GoSport is misspelled as Gasport.

The second version of the bear corrected the Millennium spelling on the tush tag and included a gold ribbon, but the other misspellings from the first version still existed. The third Millennium bear release corrected all misspellings and used a gold ribbon. The fourth version of the Millennium bear continued the correct spellings but changed the color of the ribbon to copper. The last release of the Millennium bear is identical to the fourth release except that the tush tag is not looped like it is in the other versions.

When was the Millennium Beanie Baby retired?

Ty introduced the affordable Millennium Beanie Baby in April 1999 to commemorate the upcoming millennial celebration. The purple Beanie Baby had a short circulation time of 10 1/2 months.

What are the mini versions of Millennium called?

In 1999, McDonald's released miniature versions of the Millennium Beanie Baby bear called Teenie Beenies as additions to their children's Happy Meals. The toy was enclosed in plastic and had the bear's story printed on the fold of the packaging. A limited amount of Millennium Ty miniatures were created for the McDonald's Happy Meal toy release.

Which Millennium Beanie Baby version is the most valuable?

Beanie Babies with misspelled tags and other errors are more valuable than versions with perfect tags and no variations. The preowned Millennium Beanie Baby is collectible because it was created to commemorate a once-in-a-lifetime event. At the end of 1999, Ty Warner gave representatives of the company a special-edition bear with his autograph. Only 303 of these bears were distributed, and they were only given to people who attended the company's Chicago, Ill., conference. This Beanie Baby had special-edition tags that read "Ty Sales Conference Renaissance Hotel Dec 12-14, 1999."

How to identify a TY Millennium Beanie Baby

When shopping for a collectible TY Millennium Beanie Baby, it's important to make sure you are getting what you expect. It is easy to identify an authentic Millennium Beanie Baby by paying close attention to the collectibles tags. Other identifiers include:

  • Ty hangtag
  • Name on tush tag and hangtag
  • Hologrammed tush tag
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