Military Airplane Models and Kits

Model kit hobbies involving the building, collecting, or painting of warfare subjects offer enthusiasts an opportunity to work with military model subjects including helicopters and tanks. Kit manufacturers like Airfix, Revell, and Tamiya supply these hobbies with airplane and tank models in multiple scales. Aviation models include airplane kits, support vehicle model kits, and aftermarket parts like bomb or fuel tanks.

What are some aviation model kit scales and compatible subjects?

While aircraft are found in almost every scale, the majority of airplane subjects are produced in 1:24, 1:32, 1:48, 1:72, and 1:144 scale models. Buildings, support vehicles, and extras like bombs/fuel tanks are produced for dioramas in many of the scales. A majority of these militarily themed extras are offered by companies known for their warplanes including Airfix, Hasegawa, Revell, and Tamiya. Listed below are the main airplane scales and their compatible themes:

  • 1:24 Scale - Can combine with many civilian automobiles. Limited figures and structures.
  • 1:32 Scale - This is the least compatible scale, with limited figures available.
  • 1:48 Scale - May combine with military figures and equipment. Limited structures available.
  • 1:72 Scale - Can combine with figures, military equipment, and structures.
  • 1:144 Scale - Limited combination with space vehicles. Some figures and structures available.

Which World War II military airplanes does Tamiya offer?

Many bombers, fighters, and torpedo planes are represented by Tamiya models. There are multiple aftermarket sets that Tamiya offers that allow models to carry the different bomb and tank load-outs of plane variations. It is worth noting that although they are designed to the specifications of Tamiya models, many of their aftermarket parts are compatible with models produced by different kit manufacturers. Tamiya is the largest producer of Japanese aircraft subjects from the war. Common aircraft include the Japanese "Zero" as well as torpedo aircraft. Tamiya has also produced different runs of American aircraft including early versions of the "Buffalo" and "Corsair." Aircraft from the UK include multiple types of the legendary "Spitfire". Many variations of these aircraft have been produced with a great selection of bombs and fuel tanks so they can accurately represent specific battles or aviator's planes.

Are there aviation vehicle support subjects available as model kits?

There are many auxiliary and support vehicle models produced by companies like Tamiya. Subjects range from fueling vehicles to personnel transport. Military models such as tanks can be equipped with anti-aircraft weaponry to build unique dioramas. Aftermarket models are available to create stockpiles of bombs or fuel drums and tanks. Tamiya has a large collection of 1:48 scale model kits of anti-aircraft tanks and trucks that compliment displays. They also sell 1:35, 1:48, and 1:72 scale figure kits of aircraft crews and fighter pilots.