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Heating Things Up With Middleby Marshall Pizza Ovens

If you are thinking about incorporating fresh pizza on your menu, a Middleby Marshall pizza oven is an important tool for starting out. These ovens slowly move pizzas over a series of hot air jets for evenly cooked pizza every time. With flexible heat and timing settings, you can experiment with different crusts and cheeses to create the ideal pizza pie.

What are the features of a Middleby Marshall pizza oven?

All models of these pizza ovens have features that make them an industry standard, some of which include the following:

  • Digital temperature control: You determine the correct temperature for your pizzas.
  • Digital timer: Setting the timer controls the speed of the conveyor belt.
  • Stackable units: Two units can stack on each other for high-volume cooking in limited space.
  • Easy cleaning: Removable crumb pans, end panels, and a foldable conveyor mechanism make cleaning simple.
  • Push-button controls: Door-mounted electric controls make operation and service simple.
Which model of Middleby Marshall oven should you choose?

The basic operation of all Middleby Marshall pizza ovens is the same. However, different models vary by heat source. The standard Middleby Marshall PS360 uses natural gas to provide cooking heat. The Middleby Marshall PS520E uses electric heat. Another variation is the width of the conveyor. The PS360 has a 32-inch conveyor belt while the PS314 has a narrower, 28-inch belt.

Should you buy a single deck or a double-stack pizza oven?

A Middleby Marshall single deck pizza oven may be all the power you need if pizza is one of many options on your menu. However, if you are opening a pizza restaurant, you might want to consider a double-stack option for both added volume and cost savings.

Reasons to buy a used Middleby Marshall pizza oven

Some chefs only want new equipment in their restaurants, but there are good reasons to consider a used Middleby Marshall pizza oven.

  • Value: Starting a restaurant or adding a new menu item can be a gamble. Used Middleby Marshall pizza ovens are significantly less expensive than new ovens. Purchasing a used pizza oven allows you to risk a smaller amount.
  • Easy maintenance: Middleby Marshall products are designed to be easy to use and easy to maintain. The moving parts most likely to show signs of wear are easily replaced. You can find new conveyor belts and drive chains in Middleby Marshall oven collection on eBay.
  • Easy operation: The simple, push-button operation of these pizza ovens makes them a good choice if you are working with inexperienced chefs. Your staff can learn the basic operation in a few minutes.
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