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Modern Gaming with a Huge Library: Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

The demand for gaming consoles each holiday season tends to rest squarely in the era of the nostalgic or that of the latter generation. However, systems that fall between these two extremes offer much to the avid gamer in your family, often at a greater value when the post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy begins. The Xbox 360 remains at the top of many Christmas lists largely due to the library of games. With countless games in every possible genre, immersive accessories, and a thriving online platform, it remains a favorite for many gamers and a worthy gift to find under the Christmas tree. These are especially prized acquisitions for current Xbox 360 players with well-loved systems that need replacing because Microsoft's later consoles are not backward-compatible. Take a look at the listings on eBay for Xbox 360 consoles, controllers, and more at a variety of price points in new, refurbished, and used conditions.

Is the Xbox 360 Backwards Compatible with Original Xbox Games?

Going in the other direction, the Xbox 360 system is backwards compatible with the console that came before it, but only with select titles. The Xbox 360 doesn't use software emulation. Instead, each Xbox game needs to be tested separately to ensure compatibility with the 360 console. In order to play the game on your 360 console, you would first need to download an update and install it on the hard drive for every game. Microsoft has individually tested and ensured that 478 original Xbox titles are compatible with the Xbox 360 console.

What Kind of Accessories Is the Xbox 360 Compatible With?

The Xbox 360 console is compatible with a wide array of first- and third-party accessories. Official accessories released by Microsoft include wireless and wired controllers, different customizable faceplates, a webcam, a keyboard, headsets for online voice chat, and variously sized hard drives. Unwrap fun and active games using a common accessory for the 360, the Microsoft Kinect, an add-on peripheral that translates gesture and spoken voice commands into certain titles. A frequently used function of the Kinect is to track the user's movements in fitness and dance games. Kinect Adventures, which features a series of unique motion-controlled mini-games, was a pack-in game with the console starting in 2010.

Are Different Models of the Xbox 360 Console Available?

The first Xbox 360 design came in several variations. The Xbox 360 Core console came without certain features such as a hard drive and a wireless controller whereas the Xbox 360 Premium and the Xbox 360 Elite both included these features. In 2007, Microsoft replaced the Xbox 360 Core with the Xbox 360 Arcade console, which included a memory card, a wireless controller, and a suite of arcade games. In 2010, Microsoft released the Xbox 360 S, a slimmer version with streamlined appearance and a redesigned motherboard that ameliorated the design issues of the system. It also has a proprietary port for the Microsoft Kinect sensor. In 2013, Microsoft released the Xbox 360 E, a further refinement of the 360 console design. The Xbox 360 E is HDMI-only. With all these models available at different price points in new and used conditions, it's easy to keep your budget and still bring home a winning gift before the New Year.

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