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Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB Consoles

Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB consoles provide you with the ability to play video games, listen to music, and chat with friends. This type of console gives you storage space of 250 gigabytes, which can be used to download games from the Xbox store. These Microsoft consoles are equipped with a variety of outputs that let you hook up accessories directly to the device.

What are some features available with these Microsoft gaming systems?

These Microsoft Xbox 360 systems are equipped with a large number of features, including:

  • RAM and processing: 512 megabytes of RAM and a 32-bit audio processor that allows you to see clear pictures and hear crisp audio whenever you are playing a game or watching a movie.
  • A DVD player: All models come with a DVD player that will play all Xbox 360 games as well as any DVD movies that you might have in your collection. This DVD player supports CDs as well.
  • Controller compatibility: These consoles are compatible with all official Xbox 360 controllers, including wired and wireless models. Whether you are hooking up a controller via a wired or wireless connection, the unit supports up to four players at the same time.
  • Built-in storage: The 250-gigabyte hard drive provides you with a place where you can store all of your movies, music, and photos for immediate playback.
  • Networking capabilities: When selecting one of these Microsoft devices, you will be provided with access to networking capabilities for playing an online game or browsing the software in the Xbox online store.
  • USB ports: The inclusion of two USB ports at the front of the console provides you with the means of charging a wireless controller or inserting a USB drive for the transfer of music or video.
What do the different region codes mean?

When choosing a Microsoft Xbox 360 system, there are different region codes available to you, which is important to understand. Keep in mind that almost all of the Microsoft Xbox 250-gigabyte models are classified as region free.

  • Region free: This means that the console can work in all regions across the world.
  • Pal: This term refers to any area within Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and Oceania.
  • NTSC-U/C: This designation means that the console can work properly in both North America and Canada.
  • NTSC/J: This designation means that the console can be used specifically in Japan.
Which colors do these consoles come in?

These Microsoft Xbox gaming consoles can come in a large number of different colors, such as black, white, and gray. Some of the additional color options available with these Microsoft devices include blue, clear, purple, and red. A small selection of Microsoft Xbox consoles come in multiple colors with combinations like red and black and white and blue.

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