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Choose a Stable Operating System for Long-Term Reliability

The operating system (OS) is one of the most important elements of a modern computer. Without installing it, there is no way for you to interact with the device nor can the computer's hardware function as intended. Windows 7 Professional by Microsoft is a modern operating system that allows a computer to optimally interact with its hardware along with having other useful built-in tools for the advanced user.

What Are the Key Features of Windows 7 Professional?

  • Memory Support: Base versions of Microsoft Windows, such as Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, and Windows 7 Home Premium, only support up to 16 GB of memory at once. This physically limits the amount of RAM you can have, which is a downside if you plan to establish a server or run a large database that requires over a hundred GB of RAM. With the Pro version of Windows, you can have 192 GB of total memory installed on your computer.
  • Physical CPU Support: In line with increased RAM support, the OS also features support for up to two physical processors at once. So long as the motherboard you are using has two sockets for processors, you can make optimal use of this feature. Typically, only server-grade motherboards have more than one socket and will have multiple DIMM slots for the many modules you can install.
  • Advanced Functions: Windows Pro also features reliable and useful tools that a normal user would not be able to make use of. One such feature is the Encrypting File System or EFS, which allows for file system-level encryption for increased security. Another helpful one, Presentation Mode gives you the ability to change the behavior of Windows when giving presentations, such as preventing the screensaver from appearing and displaying a custom wallpaper made just for that presentation.

Why Would I Choose Windows 7 Professional Over Windows 7 Home Premium?

  • Enthusiast Computer Builds: When looking to run a server for your favorite game, which may have thousands of players online at a time, you need this version of Windows so that you can install as much RAM as you need to support your player base.
  • Small Businesses: With the advanced backup and restore features, you can safely keep crucial business files safely stored and redundant in case the worst happens. Windows Pro is also ideal for mobile users working at a company because the Location Aware Printing feature automatically keeps track of the different networks and remembers the printers available on each.
  • Schools: Educators can also take advantage of Presentation mode for convenient and seamless transitions between the normal operating mode and when showing an interesting presentation to students without any unnecessary fumbling or distractions.

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