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What is Xbox?

Microsoft's brand name for their video game console offerings, Xbox, has been synonymous with the diehard gamer since the turn of the century. With its emblematic green insignia, black (or occasionally white) systems and substantial, meaty controllers, the Xbox in all its forms and evolutions is a bold addition to your entertainment arsenal, and each release has offered features that put it above other offerings. For example, its first iteration, the bulky Xbox, was a favorite among gamers and movie watchers alike in its generation, because its optical drive spun faster than other consoles and even some DVD players, which meant that games and DVDs that suffered scratches or fingerprints would still play without skipping.

What video game consoles has Microsoft offered?

Each major Microsoft console has come available in North America just before Thanksgiving (and Black Friday) of the year of its release. Since the brand's creation, all the major Microsoft video game consoles have been:

  • Xbox (2001) - one of the first major consoles to come standard with space for up to four players;
  • Xbox 360 (2005) - introduced the Kinect as a major peripheral;
  • Xbox One (2013) - the first Xbox console to offer Blu-ray and 4K capability; and
  • Coming soon: the Xbox One X - the world's most powerful gaming console. 

How much have Microsoft consoles evolved since their first release?

In terms of all features that each console provides, there are three crucial ways in which the Xbox line has evolved in more than a decade of development: processing power, storage, and number of additional entertainment features available. In all cases, these benefits only grow:

  • Xbox - features a 733 MHz CPU, 233 MHz GPU, 64 MB of RAM, and a max internal storage of 10 GB; plays Xbox video games, CDs, and DVDs; 
  • Xbox 360 - offers a 3.2 GHz CPU (tri-core), 500 MHz GPU, 512 MB of RAM, and a max internal storage of 250 GB; plays Xbox and Xbox 360 video games, CDs, and DVDs, with options for movie and television streaming through downloaded apps; and
  • Xbox One - has a 1.75 GHz CPU (eight-core), 853 MHz GPU, 8 GB of RAM, and a max internal storage of 2 TB; plays Xbox One video games, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, USB with supported media, and DNLA servers, with options to view movies, television, and live event streaming. 

Choose your gaming experience among the classic Xbox, Xbox 360, or any of the variations of the Xbox One, including the Xbox One (Without Kinect), Xbox One S. Each gaming platform offers unique selections of games for you to enjoy. Additionally, take your gaming to the next level with the Microsoft Xbox One X, the most powerful gaming console in the world, or its exclusive Project Scorpio edition.