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About Microsoft Surface Pro 4
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Price Trends

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 - Price New and Used

New Price*
from $474 to $778
Used Price*
from $343 to $464
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Price Trend Chart Large
*The average sold price is calculated based on "Buy It Now" items sold within the 90 day period described above (excluding shipping and handling). Each interval represents a 15 day period. There is no guarantee that items will always be listed at a price within the provided range.
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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet / eReader
Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Internal Storage
128 GB-1TB
2.4 GHz dual-core
4/8/16 GB
Rear Camera
8 MP
Front Camera
5 MP
Operating System
Windows 10
Battery Capacity
1 day

Ratings & Reviews

Average Ratings of all

Average Ratings of all 4.8
625 average ratings

80% Long battery life

96% Good value

98% Good quality screen

Tips and Tricks for Finding the Right Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets and eBook Readers

When it comes to finding tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets and eBook readers, you want to make sure you find the right one to suit your needs. On eBay, you will find a large selection of Surface Pro 4 tablets to choose from. To help you select the right tablets and simplify your search, you should consider this information.

How do you find the right Surface Pro 4 tablet?

Here are some features to consider when selecting Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets and eBook readers for sale:

  • Storage capacity: You can choose between 16, 64, 128, 256, and 512GB models. You can also expand the capability with microSD cards as well.
  • RAM: For memory options, you can choose between 4, 8, and 16GB models.
  • Type: Some listings come with the keyboard attachment that makes the Surface Pro 4 work similarly to a laptop computer.
  • Network: Some models are equipped with network capability where you can insert a SIM card similarly to a smartphone. W-Fi models won't have this capability and just connect to a wireless network.
  • Condition: You can choose between new, used, and refurbished options.
Are used Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets cheaper than new?

Used Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets and eBook readers will cost less than new options. When looking for used options, those with more memory and storage will typically cost more. If the Surface Pro 4 comes with the keyboard, this will also add additional costs as well.

Features of the Surface Pro 4 tablet

Here are some of the features of the Surface Pro 4:

  • Surface pen: This allows you to write on the screen with an interactive design and can attach to the side of the Surface Pro 4 with its magnetic storage design.
  • Two cameras: The rear-facing camera uses an 8MP lens that has an autofocus feature. The front-facing camera uses a 5MP high-resolution camera for video calling. There's also an infrared camera that allows you to sign into the tablet with Windows Hello.
  • Touch screen: With the Surface Pro 4, you can get a 12.3-inch screen that also uses a Surface G5 processor to control the touch functions.
  • Speakers: The Surface Pro 4 makes use of front-facing speakers that can be used for video and music playback.
  • Microphones: Some of the features available on the microphone include the combination of a front and rear microphone that has a noise-canceling design.
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