Everything Shoppers Need to Know Before Purchasing Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 is a productivity suite with a variety of tools to help any user simplify their business or home. The application suite has a variety of applications to streamline any home or business's finances, data, and communication. Here are some common questions shoppers may have while shopping for the reasonably priced software on eBay.

What features does this version have?

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 has a variety of features added on from its previous version. Here are some of the features added for this version.

  • Interface: The interface has been redesigned to more closely resemble Office 2007 for Windows, a look that users preferred.
  • Online Tools: It supports file sharing and collaborative tools made by Microsoft like OneDrive and other Office web apps. This allows users to share data without using valuable hard drive space on their computer.
  • Outlook: Microsoft's email application, Microsoft Outlook, got a redesign for this version, which hadn't happened since the 2001 version of Microsoft Office for Mac.
  • Retina: This one is the first version of Microsoft Office to support the usage of Apple's Retina screen.
What applications come with Microsoft Office for Mac 2011?

Depending on the version, users get a variety of options for Microsoft Office. There are four versions of the application package, including Home & Student, Home & Business, Academic, and Standard. The following are the applications included in the Standard version, which is the most inclusive:

  • Word: Microsoft's word processing application.
  • PowerPoint: The application designed to make bulleted presentations on a video screen.
  • Excel: Excel is a spreadsheet application used for a variety of practices.
  • Outlook: A communication application mostly designed for business email.
  • Communicator: Microsoft's instant messaging and video chat application. Skype powers this feature.
How is the Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 installed?

When purchased on eBay, there are a few different ways you can expect to receive the product. The common way is instantly through an electronic download code. Some suites come with the original hard copy of the CD. There are even some versions on eBay that come in multiples called Family Packs.

What can you use the Microsoft Office suite to do?

The application suite is useful for a variety of operations both at home and a place of business. Excel can help any household or place of business track their expenses. Other applications, like Outlook and Communicator, can also be used to communicate with family members and coworkers around the globe.

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