Tips for Buying Micro Seiki Turntables and Replacement Parts on eBay

Interested in a Micro Seiki turntable? eBay has an awesome selection of complete units, replacement pieces, and original hardware available.

Which parts for Micro Seiki turntables are available?

eBay has a large selection of individual replacement parts available for Micro Seiki turntables. These pieces can either be refurbished originals or new third-party options. Refurbished originals have the benefit of collectibility, whereas third-party options will work wonderfully for those more interested in restorations and repairs. Either option provides the same excellent set of features and results. Third-party options are designed with respect to the original's specifications, so you won't need to worry about compatibility.

Here are some of the more common options available on eBay:

  • Tonearms: These enable the turntable to broadcast the audio contained on the Vinyl record. Micro Seiki options are easily adjustable.
  • Headshells: These attach to the end of a tonearm; These parts offer the trademark "scratch" turntables are famous for.
  • Arm boards: These boards support the turntable by offering a sturdy foundation.
  • Turntables: These are the platforms that spin the vinyl records used by the turntable. They are designed for stability and consistency.
  • Connectivity cables: These cables allow the turntable to be connected to audio-playback devices.
Which complete units are available?

There are numerous complete Micro Seiki units available on eBay. Many of these options come from newer iterations of the renowned turntables, but there are lots of options for those seeking vintage units as well. Each listing will indicate whether the turntable they're advertising is partially or completely functional. Considering the immense value of these turntables, even partially functional models offer tremendous value for collectors and audiophiles. Hobbyists value partially functional models for restorations as well.

  • Micro Seiki BL-51
  • Micro Seiki DD-20
  • Micro Seiki DD-30
  • Micro Seiki DDX-1000
  • Micro Seiki MR-411
What are some features of these turntables?

Micro Seiki turntables are highly sought collectibles for a reason. They were manufactured in extremely limited quantities in Japan many decades ago. In spite of their limited availability, the turntables still became famous for their exceptional sound signature, playback functions, and general performance. Below are some of the most tantalizing features included with these turntables:

  • Fully automatic: Automatic playback options mean moving from track to track is seamless and intuitive.
  • Direct drives: These drives offer greater rotation speeds for more accurate vinyl record playback.
  • Air bearings: These reduce the stress placed on both the tonearm and the vinyl record being played, which increases the lifespan of both products.
  • Enhanced stability: High-speed rotations won't affect the turntable's operation temperatures.
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