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Michael Kors Men's Belts

Since 1981, Michael Kors has been selling fashion accessories and other luxury items for both men and women. These men's belts are available in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes.

What styles of belts are available from Michael Kors?
  • Braided belt - The material of Michael Kors braided belts is a flexible and moveable material. The braided belts bend and move with you, providing a full range of motion.
  • Studded belt - A studded belt is embellished with polished chrome studs. The studded belt is also made of leather.
  • Reversible belt - With a reversible belt, each side of the Michael Kors belt has different colors and styles.
How do you determine your belt size?

There are a few different ways of determining the proper size.

  • Current belt - If you have a belt from Michael Kors that currently fits, you can measure from the belt's beginning to the hole of your choice. Exclude the buckle when measuring this way.
  • Current pants - Another method is to add 2 inches to the size of your pants. If you wear your pants low, add 3 inches.
  • Measuring tape - You can also thread a flexible measuring tape through the loops. Keep it snug but not too tight. If you're in between two numbers, round up.

Michael Kors belts are measured in inches. The Michael Kors men's belts range from 31 inches in size to 42 inches in size.

How do you determine if it is an authentic Michael Kors belt?

To determine that your Michael Kors belt is genuine, check the chrome logo first and foremost. It should match the official Michael Kors logo. Next, check the detailing on your belt, especially if it's braided. If you examine the braiding or the holes, they should be clean, cut properly, smooth, and not have any fraying. On a similar note, check the stitching along the sides of the belt. Look for any fraying, obvious stitching mistakes, or stitching which is at an angle.

What materials are Michael Kors belts available in?

Michael Kors belts come in suede, crocodile, alligator, leather, and synthetic leather.

What colors are Michael Kors men's belt available in?

Michael Kors men's belts come in a wide variety of colors as well as designs. The main colors that the Michael Kors men's belts come in is brown, black, beige, gray and white. The designs can vary from the Michael Kors logo, to stripes, to checkered, to solid colors.

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