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All About Meyer Sound Speakers and Monitors

The powered professional loudspeakers from Meyer Sound offer low distortion with high power output and a constant polar response all inside a compressed, two-way vented enclosure for extraordinary fidelity and widespread high-frequency performance. New and preowned Meyer sound speaker monitors, with their Constant-Q horn feature, provides a consistent response throughout the coverage area and flat amplitude with a phase response to allow for precise imaging and tonal accuracy.

Essentials to look for in a sound speaker monitor

There are two main things to look for when buying a Meyer sound speaker monitor:

  • Size: When buying a professional sound speaker, it is important to know what size you will need. You should start by estimating how much space is available in the location where you’ll be placing it. It is also most likely that a compact speaker will be able to adjust to a majority of spaces.
  • Location: Another thing to keep in mind is where will your professional speaker or monitor be placed. The setup of your speaker or monitor will depend on factors such as how big the room is and the number of people in the room. Your garage or a café will require less power than a large club or banquet hall. You have to also consider whether it will be placed outdoors or indoors as they both have very different requirements.
What types of speakers and monitors are available?

There are many types of technologies that are used within Meyer sound speaker and monitors that you can find on eBay. However, these three are the ones that you may see most often:

  • Moving coil: The moving coil type of speaker is the most common type of speaker. It has a cone that is attached to a type of coil that is held inside a magnetic field.
  • Horn: The horn type of sound speaker is the kind that is used for tweeters. Even though the electromagnetic effect that it uses is the same as the moving coil, a diaphragm that is held inside a magnetic field is varied in level with the audio. This makes the diaphragm create vibrations that the horn magnifies.
  • Electrostatic: The electrostatic sound speaker is a type that uses a completely different principle compared to the horn and moving coil sound speakers. The electrostatic sound speaker instead is the one where the sound is created by applying force that is exerted on a type of membrane that is suspended in an electrostatic field.
Active vs. passive

Youll encounter these terms often when choosing your sound speakers. Here is the difference:

  • Active: An active sound speaker also called a powered speaker can be connected to a mixing board because it has amplifier built in.
  • Passive: A passive speaker, also called an unpowered speaker, does not have an amplifier built in, so you’ll need an external amplifier to plug it into.
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