Have a Celestial Close Encounter With a Meteorite or Tektite

Earth is constantly bombarded by space rocks and dust. While much of this debris burns up as it enters our atmosphere, some meteorites make it down to the planet's surface. If you are looking for a collectible piece of outer space, you can find a great selection of tektites and meteorites for sale on eBay.

The difference between a meteorite and a tektite

On eBay, you will find both meteorite and tektites. For collectors, there are important differences between the two. A meteorite is a small piece of a meteor that fell from space. When a meteorite strikes Earth, it hits with such force that it heats the rocks and soil in the impact area. If it hits in a sandy area, small pieces of molten glass are thrown from the impact site, cool in the air, and fall to the ground as tektites. Because many tektites are formed at a meteor strike, they are more common than meteorites.

What kinds of meteors are for sale on eBay?

Pieces of meteors can be found throughout the world. The meteors for sale on eBay come from such locations as Australia, Venezuela, North Africa, and Russia. Meteorites are often classified according to their mineral content. The most common meteorites consist primarily of iron. Some contain higher amounts of nickel. The largest meteors are chondrites that contain other minerals and smaller amounts of metal. Achondrites are another type of meteorite that does not contain the lava droplets (chondrules) found in chondrites. These are the rarest, accounting for only 3% of meteorites.

What is the cost of a meteorite for sale?

The opening costs on these stones range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. The tektite or meteorite price varies on a number of factors.

  • Size: The larger the meteor, the more expensive it will be.
  • Rarity: Tektites are fairly common and cost less, while well-preserved meteorites are more unusual.
  • Type: Chondrites tend to be more expensive than iron and nickel-iron meteorites.
  • Fragmentation: A complete meteorite will cost more than one that has broken into pieces.
How to choose a tektite or meteorite

The type of tektite of meteorite you buy depends on how you want to use it. If you are a collector, eBay lists many different types of meteorites for sale that can complete your collection. If you are going to display a meteorite, you might consider a larger specimen. Some of the meteorites have been cut and polished for display. Clear tektite pieces can be polished and used creatively to make jewelry.