All the Types of Metalworking Equipment You Will Need

Metalworking is the method of working with metal to make individual parts from larger pieces. The finished pieces can be any size from ships to jewelry. No matter whether you are working with metal in your garage shop or are running a commercial business, you can find inexpensive used metalworking machines and tools easily on eBay.

Different procedures of metalworking

Metalworking is the process of creating individual parts out of larger metal parts. You will use many different metalworking machines and tools in this process, which can be categorized into three core procedures of metalworking:

  • Cutting - Machining is a collective term for cutting in metalworking. The raw material is processed into the desired size and shape by computer-controlled tools. The three primary machining processes are routing, milling, and turning.
  • Bending - Bending metal is the process that bends sheet metal into desired shapes with specialized machine presses.
  • Joining - You use welding machines and tools to merge metal parts together and joining them.

What metalworking machines are there?

There are many different machines that are used in metalworking. These machines are most often computer-controlled tools that can be used in either small shops or in large commercial plants. These are the main metalworking machines you will need:

  • Broaching Machines - A broaching machine is used to cut a piece of metal from another piece of metal.
  • Lathe Machines - Metalworking lathes hold the workpiece and rotate it to cut and shape the metal piece.
  • Chamfering Machines - These finishing machines are used to produce finishing metal workpieces. They create a clean finish to the final products.
  • Milling Machines - Milling machines remove material from the workpiece. They are used to mill the sides or the face of a metal sheet.
  • Drilling Machines - Drilling machines cut holes into the metal workpiece.
  • Bar feeders - These machines automatically feed the workpieces to the different machines that process the metal parts.
  • Planers - A planer uses reciprocation between the workpiece and the cutting tool to cut the work piece.
  • Grinding machines - A grinder uses an abrasive wheel as the cutting tool to grind small chips from the metal piece.
  • Bending machines - These machines are used to form a workpiece by bending the part during either a linear or rotating movement.

Metalworking tools for a metalworking shop

Besides machines, you will need metalworking tools for many small jobs that require hand-machining:

  • Bandsaw - Bandsaws are useful for cutting metal in a safe method.
  • Die grinder - Use a die grinder for cutting, polishing, and grinding metal workpieces.
  • Metal nibbler - Nibblers cut shapes in metal and can be used as a drill attachment, standalone tool, or an air nibbler.
  • Flux  core welder - This type of welder does not require gas, and the flux core in the middle of the wire acts as the shield.
  • Press brake - This handy tool bends sheet metal.