Women's Shoulder Bags

Women's shoulder bags come in a multitude of colors, shapes, sizes, brands, and materials to accommodate a wide variety of needs. Great for work, every day errands, or travel, shoulder totes offer space for essentials, zipper and snap closures, and pockets for extras. Whether you're in the market for a crossbody bag, a leather satchel, or a massive tote bag, you're sure to find what you're looking for.

How do you select a shoulder bag?

The type of shoulder bag you buy will depend on what you're planning on using it for, but these tips will help you decide:

  • Test the comfort of the purse straps. They should be wide enough to distribute weight over the shoulder without digging in but thin enough to leave clothing relatively unwrinkled.
  • Test the flex and give of the straps on the purse. The handbag should flex with your body and your shoulder so that moving is as comfortable as possible.
  • Explore the amount of storage and the size of the purse. Shoulder tote bags come in a wide variety of sizes. Make sure that all of your essentials like wallets and other necessary materials will fit in the bag with a little extra room. If the bag will not zipper or close around your things, pick a larger size. Conversely, if there is excess room, you might want to see if the bag comes in a smaller size or style, like a clutch.
  • Try the bag on for fit. See if the bag moves with your body, and check the style of the bag to see if it meshes with your personal aesthetic.
What colors and features do shoulder bags have?

Neutrals like beige, navy, black, brown, and grey go with everything and make great colors for shoulder bags. Bags come in pastels, bold colors, and patterns as well if you want to make your accessory the stand-out feature of an outfit. Embellishments like tassels or shine on bags can help with personalization.

Features to look at on women's shoulder bags include the size, material, color, number of pockets, embellishments, and closure styles. Ensuring that each facet of a tote fits your individual need is the key to buying the perfect one. Ease of cleaning, comfort of straps, amount of storage, and amount of security offered by the closure style can all affect how good a bag is for you.