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Everything You Should Know About How to Buy Vintage Men’s Hats

Hats have always been a favorite fashion accessory of the masses and the elite, quite possibly because they can work in a vast number of social situations. Thanks to hat makers from around the world and from different eras, a variety of styles and shapes of affordable vintage men’s hats exist and are available for purchase on eBay.

Common types of vintage men's hats available

The following hats are some of the typical varieties that can easily be found on eBay:

  • Fedora - This soft-brimmed hat is a symbol of style and one of the most recognizable old hats. You can purchase them in different sizes and colors and in a few different materials such as beaver and felt.
  • Cap - Caps are basically baseball hats. You can find them with a variety of different images on the front, from sports teams to food brands. You can also purchase some caps in many different sizes, and others you can buy with adjustable straps or buttons in the back.
  • Cowboy - You can choose from an array of styles, sizes, and colors for your cowboy hat. Different materials are available as well, such as denim, fur, and leather.
What should I look for when buying secondhand men's hats?

Here are a couple of things to watch for when shopping for vintage men's hats:

  • Boxed - Hats that come with their own boxes are often well-taken-care-of. Plus, you get a convenient way to store or transport your hat.
  • Accessories - Many of the used vintage men's hats come with accessories to enhance your overall hat-wearing experience. They can include broaches, pins, and feathers that are usually affixed to the hat above the brim.
What condition are these vintage men's hats in?

On eBay, vintage men's hats are generally found in the following conditions:

  • Mint - If a hat is in mint condition, it is just like new. In fact, you might find brand-new vintage men's hats.
  • Near-Mint - Near-mint hats look almost new. You can expect to find a small bit of wear on these hats or maybe a small spot of slight discoloration. From a distance, though, they look new.
  • Good - Secondhand men's hats in good condition will have obvious wear and tear and may also be scuffed or may have an obvious repair job.
  • Fair - Hats in fair condition look broken in and will probably have significant discoloration. They function but may not fit as snug as ones in better condition.
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