Men's Swimwear

Men’s Swimwear

Whether you’re a regular swimmer or someone who only gets in the water on vacation, choosing the right swim shorts is essential to your comfort while wearing the garment. And knowing the difference between the types and materials of swim shorts gives you insider info on what is the fit for you.

What are the different types of men’s bathing shorts?

Swim trunks are the common men’s swimwear. Trunks typically fall to about the mid-thigh and have a somewhat loose, but not baggy, fit. Swim trunks usually feature an elastic waistband and are available in various colors and patterns.

Another option of swimwear that is similar to swim trunks but with more room are board shorts. Board shorts were originally created for surfers but became used by non-surfers. Unlike swim trunks, board shorts don’t have elastic around the waist and instead have a Velcro fly and lace-up front.

Swim briefs, also known as a Speedo, look similar to brief underwear that men wear and are often Seen on professional swimmers. They can range in style from G-string to complete coverage of the bottom. Swim briefs are an option for men who want a body hugging style.

What are men’s bathing suits made out of?

Men’s swimwear is made using a wide array of materials that range from polyester to lycra. You’ll also find some made with 100% nylon or a combination blend of materials. The materials used are selected for their ability to dry quickly, absorb less water, and maintain flexibility.

Polyester is resistant to chlorine and fading and is often combined with other fabrics in the bathing suits construction. Lycra is a common fabric due to its elasticity and fit, but it is often used in conjunction with other materials.

How do you choose men's bathing suits?

Consider your needs when buying a pair and use that to determine which type would be ideal for you. For example, if you’re just going to be lounging on the beach, then any pair will do. If, however, you’re going to spend the day surfing, you’ll want something snug and tight-fitting, preferably swimwear designed for surfers. If you’re looking for a pair for more competitive swimming, choose a style that reduces drag, such as swim briefs.