Tear Up the Slopes in Men's Downhill Ski Boots

One of the great things about winter is enjoying the snow on the ski slopes. A good pair of men's downhill ski boots can help you get the performance you want on the trails. eBay is a great place to find new and used ski boots for sale for men.

Why features do men's ski boots have?

These boots have to be very durable in order to withstand the power generated as skiers travel down trails. Some things to think about as you shop for new or used ski boots are:

  • Boot flex index - This number indicates how stiff or flexible a boot is. Higher numbers translate into stiffer boots, in which more power can be transferred to the inside edge of your ski. Men who ski aggressively can consider a flex index of at least 110. Medium flex, with an index between 85 to 105 for men, is better for intermediate skiers. Soft flex boots, which are anything with a flex index below 80, are more comfortable for beginners who aren't traveling at high speeds. At the mid-range, you may start to see boots that offer flex adjustment. A dial at the back of your boot will let you adjust the stiffness to accommodate different terrain.
  • Boot liners - The liners are comfortable and warm, and they can conform to your foot. Cheap men's downhill ski boots are probably going to have non-moldable liners, which provide padding and stability and take a few weeks to break in. Thermoformable liners will use the heat generated from your foot to mold to your foot's contours, and this process can typically be finished within the first day of skiing.
  • Ski/Walk mode - Some products let you separate the upper shell from the lower boot so you can walk more naturally.
What size of eBay ski boots should I get?

Sizing in ski boots for sale are different than typical shoe sizes. Most men's ski boots are sized with Mondo sizing, which is a number that refers to the length in centimeters of the inner sole. For reference, a Mondo size 27 may approximately match a men's size 9, a Mondo size 28 will correspond to men's size 10, and a Mondo size 29 matches up with a men's size 11. Half-sizes are available.

Which companies make men's ski boots?

There are more than a dozen companies that make ski boots for men. On eBay, you might find ski boots used or in new condition made by the following companies:

  • Atomic
  • Salomon
  • Fischer
  • Nordica
  • Tecnica