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Men's Occupational Shoes

Occupational shoes are designed to assist when you are on the job. That means they are typically heavy and oftentimes come in the form of large boots. Men's occupational shoes are available in a range of sizes that extend from 5-21 as well as a variety of widths that include extra narrow, narrow, medium, wide, and extra wide. These work boots have been manufactured by a number of different brands that include Adidas, Skechers, Red Wing Shoes, and Timberland.

Which materials are these work boots made from?

This footwear for men comes in a variety of materials such as:

  • Leather: This is a material that is made from the hides of specific animals like cattle. Once the hide is collected, the material goes through a tanning process that provides it with its distinct texture. There are several grades of leather that can be used in work boots, from top-grain leather and patent leather to bonded leather. An example is the Wolverine steel toe boot.
  • Rubber: This is a type of material that is taken from the sap of a tropical tree known as the Hevea tree. Rubber can also be made through synthetic means, which indicates that the material is fully man-made. It is an elastomer that is typically used with the base of these men's occupation shoes, such as the Puma Safety and Wolverine Wellington. Another example is the Timberland boot which offers a rubber lug sole and round toe design.
  • Suede: This is a type of leather that is natural and is commonly made from the hides of animals such as lamb and goat. The surface of this material is rubbed in order to create a velvety napped finish.
  • Down: This is a type of material that is taken from the plumage of duck and geese, which is a layer of feather that is found directly underneath the top layer of feathers. It is a material that is used commonly as padding with these men's work boots.
  • Snakeskin: This is a type of leather that is made directly from the hide of snakes, which means that these work shoes are typically green or brown in color.
What are some colors available with these work boots?

These work boots can be selected in a wide range of colors, the most common of which include black and brown. Some of the additional colors available include beige, blue, green, gray, red, and purple. A number of these shoes are also available in multiple colors with combinations like blue and black or red and black.

What are some features available with these work boots?

These work boots can be equipped with a large number of features due to their usage on work sites. Many of these shoes are outfitted with a composite toe, steel toe at the front of the shoe, or full-grain leather. An example is the Parker steel toe work shoe. Other boots come with insulation such as the Muck Boots Men's Chore Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot. Although most of these work boots are heavy and built with weighty materials, some models like the Skechers Flex Advantage are lightweight in nature. Another feature available with such models as the Timberland Pro Powertrain has LED lighting along the bottom of the shoe.

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