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Men's GORE-TEX Water-Resistant Coats and Jackets

GORE-TEX water-resistant coats and jackets for men are made by a variety of manufacturers, so you will find GORE-TEX under different brand names. These garments are made for various outdoor conditions. Some are lightweight for activities like cycling, golfing, and running, while others are heavier for use in activities like snow sports, mountain climbing, and motorcycling.

Which men's GORE-TEX coats and jackets are water-resistant?

All garments made with GORE-TEX fabrics are actually waterproof, not just water-resistant. The company's fabrics are textiles laminated with a waterproof membrane that keeps moisture from going through. This laminate also makes the company's coats and jackets for men windproof but breathable, too, so perspiration can be drawn away from your body. This is possible because the pores in the membrane are too small for water and wind to pass through, but large enough for water vapor from perspiration to escape.

How do you find genuine men's GORE-TEX coats and jackets?

If a men's jacket is made with genuine GORE-TEX, it will have a label sewn into a seam — either inside or outside of the garment — that has the GORE-TEX or WINDSTOPPER trademark on it. Some jackets may have the logo embroidered on the chest or a sleeve. Others may also have a metal tag with the logo on it that is sewn on the outside. Genuine men's GORE-TEX coats and jackets will always have one of these markers.

Do these men's coats and jackets always remain waterproof?

The laminate doesn't break down, so the garments do remain waterproof. The laminate is applied to the inside of the fabric, however, so a thin coating of a water-repellent substance (called DWR, for durable water repellency) is applied to the outer layer of each men's jacket. This polymer can break down over time, so the fabric can get waterlogged and feel heavy, even though water is not getting through to your body. There are three ways to keep the outer layer waterproof:

  • After washing and line-drying the garment (or tumble drying it using a warm setting), put it in the dryer for 20 minutes to reactivate the DWR.
  • Iron the clean, dry jacket with a warm iron (no steam), using a towel between the garment and iron, to reactivate the DWR.
  • Apply a spray-on water-repellent treatment to the outer layer when it can't be activated any longer. GORE-TEX makes a DWR spray.
Do GORE-TEX men's coats and jackets keep you warm?

The fabric itself is not necessarily designed for warmth. Some men's jackets are lightweight, while others are heavy for use in cold weather. The treated fabric keeps wind and water out; other insulating fabrics add warmth.

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