Finish Off an Outfit With a Men's Gold Chain

If you're going to a party or heading out for an evening with friends or family, you might want to showcase the right style for the occasion. A man's gold chain can add something extra to your look, and it can also be subtly showcased around your neck even if you're wearing it under a shirt or jacket. You can look through the selection of new and used men's gold chains on eBay to find something that matches your tastes.

How do you choose a gold chain?

You'll first want to think about what length you'd be comfortable with. A shorter chain, perhaps measuring 16 inches, can fall on the upper part of your chest. Some prefer this length because it doesn't get in the way when you move around. Others prefer chains that hang lower, like those that measure 22 inches or 24 inches.

You'll also want to consider the type of chain you'd like. There are several new and used men's gold chains on eBay that fall into the following categories:

  • Bead or ball chain: These consist of strings of small round beads linked together. Beads can vary in thickness, but many on eBay are in between one and two millimeters.
  • Box chain: With multiple square boxes of gold joined together, these have links that can be adjusted or repaired.
  • Cable chain: Made out of interlocked ovals, these necklaces have a uniform appearance.
  • Figaro: Rather than one style of link, these necklaces have short and longer links combined together for more visual interest.
  • Anchor chain: These have interlocking ovals with bars that run across them.
  • Rope chain: The gold in these men's chains is designed to resemble a real rope.
  • Snake chain: These have very small rings knit closely together.
  • Singapore chain: This gold chain is made with different gold strands that have been braided together.
Should you purchase "solid gold" chains?

The term "solid gold" refers to jewelry that's only made out of gold (regardless of karat). This is in contrast to pieces made out of a different metal and then plated with gold. Karat describes the purity of the gold, with 24K being the highest level. 24K products are generally more malleable than lower karat pieces. If you want a pure gold chain, then purchasing a solid gold one is a good choice.

Are there different colors of gold necklaces on eBay?

Traditionally, gold necklaces have had yellowish tones. In addition to those necklaces that have a more classic look, you can find new and used necklaces on eBay that have different color tones. There are men's gold chains that are made out of white gold and rose gold.