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Men's Flight or Bomber Coats and Jackets

Designed for pilots in World War I, bomber jackets are a jacket for the modern man. Traditionally made from nylon or leather, bomber jackets now come in a variety of colors and fabrics. Its durable and classic design is stylish.

What is a bomber jacket?

Bomber jackets are military-inspired menswear ideal for year-round use. The bomber was designed for comfort, ease of movement, and warmth. These jackets can be produced in a variety of fabrics and styles. The bomber usually has a thick lining. The cuffs and collar are often knitted to block the wind. Bomber jackets are suitable for the cold, windy, and rainy weather. They can easily be dressed up or down.

What are some common bomber jacket materials?
  • The lining: This can be shearling wool, quilted or un-quilted nylon, or fur. This lining is extremely important since it is responsible for keeping the wearer warm.
  • The body: It can be made from a variety of leathers including sheepskin or cow leather. Heavy-duty leather was the traditional bomber jacket material. A black or brown leather jacket is the most versatile. Gray and green are less formal colors. Today's fabric versions are sleek and casual. Wool, denim, silk, satin, and suede are all current, popular fabrics for bomber jackets.
  • The sleeves: Some bomber jackets will have a contrasting sleeve color or material. If the jacket is leather, the sleeves may be wool. If the body of the leather bomber jacket is black, the sleeves could be white or maroon. The sleeves are often silk, nylon, suede, leather, wool, or a printed pattern.
What might you consider when choosing a bomber jacket?

Bomber jackets today come in a wide range of colors, materials, and styles. Here are a few tips to narrow down the style for you.

  • Select a style: Bombers come in casual, sporty, printed, and formal varieties.
  • Choose a color: Traditionally navy, black, or brown, bomber jackets now come in a wide range of colors and prints.
  • Find your size: Sizes vary by company but usually range from XS to XXL.
  • Pick a material: Materials range from heavy to lightweight. Choose something you will be comfortable in.
How do you care for a bomber jacket?

The care of a bomber jacket depends mostly on the materials that they are made from. Leather bomber jackets should be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and leather soap. The leather can be kept supple with regular conditioning. Wool jackets are often dry clean only. Synthetic jackets may be machine washable.