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Men's Flannel Pants

Flannel pants are made of woven wool or cotton fabric that is brushed to make it softer. The pants are highly versatile and are widely considered to be symbols of classic men’s style. Buying flannel khakis is not a simple activity; it requires some basic knowledge of the clothing.

Why should you buy flannel pants?

All men should own at least one pair of flannel lined pants. Here are some notable advantages of these trousers:

  • They are warm, and this makes them highly suitable for cold weather.
  • The material can be made into almost any color and design. They can easily be customized to suit your style.
  • Flannel khakis are highly versatile and can be worn with shirts and coats of many different colors.
  • The trousers can be washed and dried at high temperatures without getting deformed. They don’t wrinkle easily.
  • Because of the heavy nature of the fabric, these khakis will not need to be frequently washed. They are durable and highly resistant to staining.
How should you choose the color of your flannel pants?

These khakis come in many colors. Here are some standard choices:

  • Black, navy blue, or dark gray: These are ideal colors for work pants. If you choose to go with black or navy blue pants, you will have to select the color of your shirt and blazer carefully. Dark gray colors are a lot more versatile.
  • Lighter shades of gray: These are classic options for business occasions although they are often considered semi-formal. Gray khakis match shirts and coats of all colors.
  • Bright colors: Khakis with bright colors are usually meant for casual wear.

It is important to note that checked khakis are worn in social or informal occasions, regardless of the color.

How can you get perfectly fitting flannel pants?

Getting the correct size is important when shopping for these products. Even if you have the top designs and colors available, you still can’t afford to wear poorly fitting clothes.

Follow these tips in order to find the perfect size of khakis:

  • The waist measurement should be taken at the level where you normally wear your pants.
  • Measure the fullest section of your hips. The tape should only be slightly snug when measuring your hips. Your pockets should be empty to allow for accurate measurements.
  • For the crotch, run the tape from the top back of your pants to the top front. The tape should go across the zipper.
  • The thigh width should be measured from the top of your inseam.
  • The length of your flannel pants should be measured from the top of the side seam. The bottom of the pants should be about one inch above the ground.
  • The inseam should be measured from the lowest part of your crotch. Make sure your legs are straight as you take this measurement.

You can get a tailor to take your measurements for better accuracy. When taking the size of your pants, make sure the tape is snug and not tight. You should be able to put a finger on the tape as you take the measurements. Also, make sure you round off the figures to the nearest inch.