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Men's Denim Coats and Jackets

Men's denim coats and jackets are outerwear composed of the material known as denim, and it's typically characterized by pockets and a short length. The first jean jackets date back to 1880 when they were invented by a clothing designer Levi Strauss. He first created the jacket as a staple for railroad workers, miners, and cowboys to pair with their jeans for work, but the outerwear soon become a fashionable clothing item for everyone to wear.

What brands of men's denim outerwear are there?

Men's denim outerwear comes in a wide variety of different brands and sizes. Brands include Abercrombie and Fitch, Academy, Kenneth Cole, Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, Levi's, Lauren Ralph Lauren, Liz Claiborne, London Fog, American Eagle Outfitters, Arizona Jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and many more. They typically fall into brand type categories including:

  • Value brands
  • Up-to-date brands
  • Designer brands
  • Luxury brands
  • Unbranded
What styles of men's denim coats and jackets are there?

There are a multitude of different types of outerwear for men. Factors that affect the style of coats and jackets include the pocket types, lengths, insulation, formality, and so on. Denim styles include but are not limited to the following: baseball jackets, parkas, vests, shirt jackets, flight/bomber jackets, safari jackets, combat jackets, and many more.

What are outerwear themes?

Themes are categories or styles that men's outerwear can fall under. Themes help group certain types of jackets or coats together. There are a plethora of themes including the 80s, garage, Michael Jackson, black racing options, snake, steampunk, Batman, Italia, black rocker, rodeo, police, Top Gun, and many more.

What's the difference between a coat and a jacket?

A jacket is typically a more lightweight garment than a coat and more tight-fitting. It usually only falls to the waist while a coat is typically longer and may reach the thighs. Coats are usually worn for warmth while a jacket may be protective clothing, such as a raincoat and may or may not be adorned with pockets. Jackets can also be worn to make a fashion statement.

How big are denim coats and jackets?

Outerwear comes in a variety of sizes, including big and tall ones, depending on the brand you buy. Some brands offer big and tall sizes while others only cater to smaller sizes. Sizes can range from small to Big 6X or 5XLT. See manufacturer site for details.