Men's Briefs

Men's briefs are a type of basic undergarment that provides support. There are a variety of slang names for men's briefs, and they are sometimes also called jockeys or jockey shorts. Briefs are typically made of white fabric, but some manufacturers produce them in other colors.

What types of brief underwear are available?

Brief-style underwear for men is generally plain, although prints, stripes, and lace are occasionally used. Men usually wear this basic style for comfort and functionality. These tips will help you to choose a style of underwear.

  • No-fly underwear: No-fly underwear does not have a fly opening in the front.
  • Slimming and contouring
  • Low-rise: Low-rise briefs have a waistband that sits below a man's natural waist.
  • Bikini: Bikini underwear sits below a man's natural waist and higher up on the legs so that less material covers the hips.
  • Boxer briefs: Boxer briefs are a style of form-fitting underwear with legs that extend below the hip.
  • G-string and thong: G-string underwear has a front pouch and a thin strap that sits between the buttocks. Thong-style underwear has a thin triangle of fabric in the back, straps around the hips, and a front pouch. G-string and thong underwear are usually considered men's lingerie.

What materials are men's briefs made from?

Brief-style underwear is made from a variety of materials. These materials are designed for wicking moisture away from the body, keeping the body cool, and providing another layer of material between the body and clothes.

  • Cotton: Cotton offers a breathable fabric, softness, and improved temperature control.
  • Cotton blends: Cotton blends for briefs and boxers may include polyester or another synthetic material for stretch.
  • Mesh: Mesh-style underwear is sometimes classified as men's lingerie. Athletes may wear them for more compression, temperature control, and support.
  • Microfiber: Microfiber is a soft, dense fabric that men wear for functional and erotic purposes.
  • Modal: Modal is an engineered material that men tend to wear for its elastic and supportive properties. It is commonly used for boxers, briefs, and thongs.

What size of briefs do I need?

The tight fit of briefs helps to provide support and prevent chafing. To get the right size of brief or boxer brief, use a cloth measuring tape to measure the natural waistline. On a man, the natural waistline is three inches below the belly button. Manufacturers size brief and boxer brief undies in small through extra-large and extended waist sizes. It is important to note that cotton skivvies may shrink, and thongs and men's lingerie should be worn tightly.

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