Men's Belts

Belts are accessories that not only have functionality, but they also add style to a man's outfit. Whether you have traditional to eclectic tastes, you can find one that works with your wardrobe. As with most clothing, they can have different type of clasps, buckles, designs, and closures, as well.

What are they typically made of?

A lot of belts are made using 100% leather. Most use cowhide; others could be made from the hide of yak, buffalo, pig, lamb, or an exotic animal. Full-grain leather belts are considered excellent quality. They retain the most natural look, whereas top-grain leather belts have been buffed. Corrected-grain leather has an artificial grain on its surface. Suede consists of a large portion of the hide, not including the very top grain.

If you’re animal-friendly or just exploring your options, you can consider getting a faux leather belt. Often made using polyurethane, PVC, or polyester, it can be made in a way that looks just like traditional black or brown. For a casual outfit, you could go with cotton. These types of accessories may have a synthetic material woven into them for extra strength. Canvas belts may be made using 100% polyester or a polyester-blend. This makes them machine-washable, quick to dry, flexible, and durable.

 What are colors match formal and casual attire?

While medium to dark brown tones matching well, there are brown belts that come in lighter shades as well. Darker browns can match men's formal and business casual clothing and shoes. Medium brown still works for formal wear and dress shoes, too. The lighter the shade of leather belt or shoe, the more informal it appears.

 How are they fastened?

Belts feature a variety of closures, including:

  • Traditional buckle - These usually have a round or rectangular frame and a prong that fits inside a hole on the strap.
  • Ratchet - These don't have any holes. Instead, ratchet belts have small teeth sewn into the underside, and the buckle has a tab that clicks in and holds on to those teeth.
  • Plaque buckle - These fasten by attaching the plaque to the holes on the belt.
  • D-Rings: To fasten, put the belt through both D-rings and then fold it back through one of the rings to fasten it. This type of closure is easy to adjust as well.

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